Our Sustainable Tribe

As a mother of two, Children of the Tribe’s Emma McClean is passionate about helping to ensure every aspect of production at Children of the Tribe is ethical, sustainable and fair for all involved. We know we are not perfect but we have established long-term, close working relationships with family run factories in both Bali and Java and work hard to ensure that they are dedicated to meeting fair-trade standards and adhering to safe and fair work practices.

Our core values:
Giving Back

Children of the Tribe has partnered with the Bumi Sehat clinic, an amazing initiative who believe that access to quality healthcare and to kind, hygienic, culturally-appropriate childbirth is a human right. We believe that each individual is an essential societal component of peace. By caring for the smallest citizens of Earth - babies at birth - we are building peace: one mother, one child, one family at a time. We are devoted to working in partnership with people to improve quality of life and to encourage peace. Children of the Tribe use all leftover fabric to make 5x onesies & a baby wrap for every mother leaving the Bumi Sehat clinic with their new bundle of joy. To find out more about this great organisation click here: http://www.bumisehatfoundation.org/ 

"Every baby's first breath on Earth could be one of peace and love, Every mother should be healthy and strong. Every birth could be safe and loving. But our world is not there yet."
Robin Lim ~ Bumi Sehat

Who Made Your Clothes?
All Children of the Tribe Collections are designed by Emma and our team in Byron Bay, and produced in Bali, Java, China and India. It is a core value of our company that we adhere to a high level of ethical standards in our factories.

The Children of the Tribe Mantra: 
Children of the Tribe is an Australian brand, owned and operated by a close-knit team from the magical beach town of Byron Bay. We put our hearts into designing collections we can be proud of because Children of the Tribe is more than just a brand to us - it's who we are, the lives we lead and those we love. We make clothing designed for free spirited little people who love to play outdoors in nature and roam barefoot and free. 

Our Sustainability Journey:
At Children of the Tribe we are committed to better understanding the impact of our operations and taking steps to becoming more sustainable. We are working hard to improve our social and environmental footprint, knowing that every step we take makes a difference to the future of our planet.

Phasing out plastic:
With over 300 million tons of plastic being produced every single year, 50% of which is for single-use purposes – utilised for just a few moments, but on the planet for at least several hundred years; we have decided to move all packaging to compostable options. Using compostable product satchels and product bags is one of the first steps we are taking to reduce our plastic waste, and we hope this little step will encourage others to do the same. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:
We love the three Rs, and seeing you hand down your Children of the Tribe pieces to younger generations. It’s so important to become more conscious about buying only what we need, recycling and re-purposing where ever possible. We love seeing our customers use their calico product bags for waste free shopping, as a carrier for snacks and activity kits while travelling, and even as a delicates bag for laundry. Join our movement - share your R moment and tag #tribesustainability to be featured on our stories. 

Food for thought:
Our daily use of plastic is a problem for the planet but also for our health. Although it is very difficult to estimate the exact amount of plastic in our oceans, scientists estimate that around eight million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year - adding to the estimated 150 million metric tons currently already in circulation. To put that into perspective, it’s roughly the equivalent to a garbage truck full of plastic dumping into our precious oceans every single minute.

Whilst a complete solution to our epic plastic problem is likely many years away, there are small everyday changes we can all make that can make a big difference.

  • Say no to straws, or carry your own reusable one- bamboo or stainless steel.
  • Switch to reusable bags. Take your ‘Bag Full of Goodness’ or reusable COTT calico product bags with you when shopping. Keep a stash in the car and your handbag so you never have an excuse.
  • Familiarise yourself with the correct recycling practices with your local council. This is vital if we want to keep plastics from the ocean.

Sustainable fabrics & Practises in production:
We strive to use natural fabrics and dyes where possible to minimise our impact in production. We use eco friendly and sustainable materials, for example cotton, bamboo and rayon are our most used fabrics.

Zero Waste:
We have a way to go but we are committed to this journey and invite you to join us.