Raising Boys :: What’s it really like?

April 24, 2019 2 min read

Raising Boys :: What’s it really like?

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There is something intriguing about raising boys, so when we come across those mamas whose tribe is comprised only of boys, a glimpse into their world is even more fascinating - we imagine the noise, the energy, the rivalry and the adventure. But amidst the beautiful chaos, there are also tender moments of affection and pure love.

Mum of four sons, Naomi shares a glimpse into her wild and wonderful life raising four beautiful boys under ‘Boys Run Free’ on instagram. As we answer the call to Adventure this season, we chat with Naomi about what she would say to mums who assume empathy is required for having so many boys, how her sons embrace adventure, the incredible journey they have planned for the family to learn and grow by giving to others, and how she truly appreciates those sweet moments of brotherly love.

Who’s in your tribe?
Chris, my love my anchor my everything
Sol, my eldest son my inner delight my sunshine
Nullah, my second born, my little wild one who brings life to us all
Ollie, my third babe, my heart my healer
Alby, my sweet littlest sidekick who we will always call our love child

What do you say to the mamas out there who assume you need empathy for having four boys?
I am so thankful I have a house full of princes who always tell me how much they love me with love letters and affection. My boys are truly the most incredible gift ...

Tell us about the caravan that has recently come into your life. What plans do you have for travelling this year?
We bought our 6 birth caravan as we are preparing to hit the road early next year. We are planning to explore and adventure our beautiful vast land. We would love to explore the avenues of bush ministries where we can go into smaller communities and help where needed. We want this trip to not be self indulgent, but one for us all to grow and learn.

With the cooler days upon us, how do your boys best adventure during winter?
Bush walking, beach exploring, campfires in the backyard, biking, building cubbies.

Your boys are home-schooled, you call an old dairy farm home and your Instagram often shows your boys spending days exploring nature’s hidden gems. What do you hope they take away from playing and learning this way?
To never second guess your own decisions, to never go along with the crowd or society’s expectations, to be free to be yourself, explore as much as you can, love and appreciate all things that have been given to you, to take some small risks now and learn from your mistakes.

If you had to describe each of your boys using just one word, what would it be?
Sol - compassionate
Nullah - eccentric
Ollie- Gentle
Alby – determined

Amongst the beautiful chaos, the energy and the rivalry, there are always moments of pure love. Tell us about one really special moment of brotherly love you have witnessed recently?
Tonight after reading our stories the boys all got up and cuddled up and said they loved each other.