Featured Artist :: Ty Williams

December 05, 2017 1 min read

Featured Artist :: Ty Williams

Ty Williams at workUS artist Ty Williams in his studioWith A Smile art by Ty WilliamsSprout by Ty WilliamsSea Fish PatternDouble Peace by Ty WIlliams 

There is something about Ty Williams’ art, that reminds us not to take life too seriously. An artist, illustrator and surfer, Ty is somewhat of a wanderer, bouncing between his hometowns of Florida and Maine in the US, where he creates work that is unpretentious, vivid and exudes a positive notion of simply enjoying life.

Having shown solo art exhibitions all over the world, Ty’s artistic style proved to be such a natural fit with Children of the Tribe. We’re so excited to have collaborated with Ty to create three signature designs for Lost Desert - The Local, You Are Awesome & With A Smile.

 Here he lets Children of the Tribe into his world by finishing these sentences...

I am....getting better all the time, I think.

I’m always inspired by...new places and children's artwork.

The ocean is... crucial for my sanity and overall well-being.

My favourite art would have to be... easy on the eyes and not too pretentious.

The best view is... probably pretty expensive but I'd like to see it.

Colour is... a reflection of light but I like to think that it's also magic.

Peace begins with... sharing a good meal and conversation.