Children of the Tribe

Birth Charts for Your Little Wonder

March 01, 2019

Here at Children of the Tribe we love that every child we meet is unique. So when we discovered Various Friends, we knew we had to find out more about the mama who is putting her own spin on the stars to create bespoke birth charts for children. 

Residing in the Northern Rivers with her husband Adam and raising their two beautiful children, Banjo and Clancy, Brooke spoke to Children of the Tribe about astrology’s renewed moment in the sun, the inspiration behind her business venture, and what beautiful insights can obtained from having a personalised birth chart for your own precious little ones.

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Meet Luna Woolcott :: Waste Free Living

January 25, 2019

Meet mum of two (soon to be three) ~ Luna Woolcott, Puerto Rican born Yogi, Blogger and environmentalist on a journey to Zero Waste. Living the dream in Byron Bay along with her family; partner, and children Sienna (4) and Jay (2) They really are making a difference. We chat to Luna about her plastic free journey, her top tips for reducing waste, the parenting juggle and how she hopes her children will describe her in years to come. This beautiful yogi- has such a honest, down-to-earth approach to life, we hope you are as inspired as we are.
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Cleanse your home with a Sage Smudge Ritual

January 03, 2019

The ritual of Sage Smudging is very simple, positive and uplifting experience. An ancient, Native American ritual of burning sacred plants in a bowl or on a stick to clear a space of negative energies. We have prepared a special Cleansing Prayer for you to start the new year fresh & positive with a smudging ritual for your home.
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The Positive Energy of Portugal

December 18, 2018

Living in a natural park on the scenic coast of Portugal, Russian born Anastasiia Yakhnina is an intrepid traveller and mama with an exceptional eye for photography. Her luminous imagery caught our eye as did her inspiring travel stories. As part of our ‘Where Is Your Paradise Found’ Travel Series, Children of the Tribe spoke to Anastasia about life in Colares; her Russian hometown of Perm and she shares her top tips for families travelling to Portugal, the best beaches and other family-friendly hidden gems.

Enjoy x

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Take Me Away to Samoa

November 30, 2018

Come away with us to the tropical Polynesian paradise that is Samoa. Sydney based photographer and mama, Justine Curran shares her tribe’s recent getaway to this pristine corner of the Pacific where her family immersed themselves in lush rainforests, swam in azure seas teaming with marine life and explored secluded coves, enjoying the intense natural beauty and 3000 year old culture with their little ones in tow.
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Road Tripping WA in a 1980’s Bus

November 09, 2018

Siobhan O’Reilly is a lifetime friend of our Founder, Emma. They met as children, went to school together and were room-mates back in their uni days. Siobhan was the one who introduced Emma to her partner, Steve at a music festival.

When we heard that Siobhan, partner Matt and little River were travelling around Australia in 1980’s bus, we jumped at the chance to feature their adventure in our ‘Where is Your Paradise Found’ travel series.

They open up about the freedom of life on the open road and share their incredible experiences with powerful photos, showing the raw beauty of Australia’s vast landscapes.

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Captivated by Italy

October 31, 2018

Bitten by the wanderlust bug, Amber Kolo, husband Jamie and their three girls share an infectious love of travel. Captivated by Italy, this family recently returned from a late European summer sojourn through Milan, Portofino and the Cinque Terre region where they completely immersed themselves in exploring the places and culture of this incredible destination. We spoke with Amber about their inspiring adventure and she shared her top tips for travelling with young kids in tow!
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Sandy Toes and Golden Light with The Shepherds

October 26, 2018

Keep your eye out for our Favourite Shepherd family on the front cover of this month's Jetstar in-flight magazine.

Frankie, Spencer and Sunny dressed exclusively by Children of the Tribe!!

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We Travel to the Turks and Caicos Islands

October 24, 2018

Charli Williams first stumbled on this slice of paradise ten years ago whilst travelling through the Caribbean with her husband. After taking a leap of faith to relocate from Australia with two little ones in tow, this soon-to-be tribe of six (baby number 4 is on the way!) are living a truly unique ocean-loving life. We jumped at the chance to speak to Charli about her boys’ sense of wonder and curiosity for the natural world, and their adventure-filled days spent swimming, diving and island hopping in this island utopia. 

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Palm Springs & Joshua Tree With Nat Gunn

October 17, 2018

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Paradise Found in Byron Bay with Emma McClean

October 12, 2018

With its laid-back vibe, unspoiled beaches, secluded hideaways, and vibrant foodie scene, Byron Bay has an allure that attracts an eclectic mix of surfers, backpackers, couples and young families to enjoy a getaway in paradise.

It is home to Children of the Tribe, our Founder Emma McClean and her family, partner Steve and daughters Willow (7) and Coco (4). Here, Emma shares what she loves most about raising her girls, Willow and Coco, in our magical beachside town.



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We Travel to Maui with Tejiana Sky

October 03, 2018

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