How To Festival...With Kids!

July 06, 2017 3 min read

How To Festival...With Kids!

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To festival with kids or not to festival? We say, definitely! We love seeing pictures of our free-spirited mamas and papas rocking out at festivals all over the world with their little loves in tow. Yes, festivals are a seriously different experience than they were pre-kids but you can still have the time of your life with some planning and preparation. Our favourite homegrown festival, Splendour in the Grass, is just a couple of weeks away and it is as kid-friendly as it gets with Little Splendour fast becoming the place to hang. This kids’ festival within the festival has a killer lineup of famous acts plus some exciting newcomers - including our friends Poppy Galactic & The Beat – plus creative workshops, balloon and bubble magic and so much more to entertain the 700 little peeps who come through the gates.We spoke to Kidzklub Australia’s Trudi Luke, the creator of Little Splendour, to get the lowdown on how to make the most of your tribe’s day out.

Trudi’s Tips for a Splendid day

So your kids don’t get frazzled and exhausted from all the stimulation of the main festival, continuously bring them back to Little Splendour to ground them and chill. The sounds and smells and sights can be very overwhelming. Chasing bubbles, doing arts and crafts, playing in the sandpit relaxes children’s nervous systems so they can rejuvenate before heading back out into the crowds.

1. If your little one needs a sleep and a pram is the best option, bring one and park it at Little Splendour while you don’t need it or hire a Rock and Roller Wagonand deck it out so the kids can sleep. There is a nursery with cots and a babysitting service in Little Splendour in a fully secured area with trained staff. To book some time contact
2. Bring water bottles and know where the refill stations are. We have water in Little Splendour.
3. No new shoes! The most common injury the medics deal with is blisters.
4. To avoid line-ups, feed the kids early before the normal food rush times and use Little Splendour toilets, as ours are immaculate in comparison.
5. In the main festival, I highly recommend taking the kids at night to the top of the Amphitheatre for them to get an idea of the crowds – it’s spectacular! Go see all the art pieces and experience everything from the silent disco to the chocolate donuts. Come for the culture and emersion in the arts.
6. Little Splendour has a parents' retreat and nappy change area with a fridge and microwave so you can bring milk to us and we will store it for you so heating bottles is never an issue.
7. Bring hand sanitiser and layers of clothing as it can get super hot and super cold at festivals. There are cloakrooms to book in your gear.
8. Put your safety procedures into place and write your phone number on their wrist. There are more police, more security guards and more medics per person than you will get anywhere - ever! Every security guard has a radio and if a child gets lost the all security and police will know within minutes so tell kids to go to security guards if they feel lost.
9. Finally, enjoy the experience with your kids. Over the 14 years I’ve been taking my kids, I was able to immerse them in the culture and educate them on things they saw, both positive and negative. The culture at a festival is incredible. It is special, unique and creative. My kids still get excited to meet up with me and my friends; it's part of our lives together. We dance and enjoy it together.

 Must see Little Splendour

This year’s Little Splendour must-sees!

Sound Synergy drumming workshop
Johnny the Jester’s magic and comedy show
Kiddywinks puppet show
Indigenous dancers
Red Rocket 3
Bunny Racket
DJ Sol
Xanthe musical theatre
Poppy Galactic & The Beat
Three-piece educational band, Asparagus
Circus Arts
Football Tricksters
Balloon man, Tony Twist
Shorty Brown
Barefoot Gypsies belly dance workshop

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