Boys Run Free

February 21, 2017 3 min read

Boys Run Free

Naomi Mackie is every inch the super earth mama. Along with her husband Chris, Naomi is raising four little boys under the age of six – and wouldn’t have it any other way. We love the way Naomi documents her tribe’s free-range lifestyle so beautifully on her Instagram account @boys_run_free so Children of the Tribe caught up with the boy mama to talk about life with her boisterous, happy, tight-knit brood.

Who is in your tribe?

Husband Chris Mackie and our sons Sol, 5, Nullah, 4, Ollie 2 and Alby, 14 weeks.  

You are the mother of four little boys. Describe your household in a sentence.

Full of fun, loving, wild and boisterous energy!

Not only are you raising four boys, you are homeschooling as well?

Yes! Three years ago, Chris and I used to bushwalk a lot with Sol and Nullah and saw the beauty of the boys’ energy and curiosity with the world around them. As time went on, we saw more and more beauty and value in keeping the boys out of a systematic classroom and making their world their classroom. We have been doing a lot with the boys so far but this year will be Sol’s official first year. It excites me but also at the same time it sometimes terrifies me, hoping we can carry through our vision we have for our children.

We love your feed. It looks as though you are giving your sons a really beautiful childhood. Can you take us through an average day in your house?

The two older boys generally wake up early and they either play together outside while I slowly wake up with Alby and Ollie or the two older boys come in and wake me up and give me cuddles and play with Alby. At 7am, I'm up and making coffee and breakfast for the boys, myself and Chris and we all sit around the table to eat and talk. I light some candles and play either classical or soft music while we eat. The morning will flow organically with either a trip down to the beach - where they are learning to swim and surf - a bike ride or a bush walk but if we are at home, we will do flash cards or work through an English book for Sol and Nullah. Lunchtime is at the table with all of us. After lunch, Chris goes to work and me and the boys get into lots of arts and crafts, or we will do some baking or read books while I continue to get on with general household duties. Dinner is at 5-5:30pm with everyone along with some music for atmosphere. Between 6pm and 6.45pm, they have a bath, get in their PJs and play a little more. They are allowed to watch two short ABC Kids shows and then it’s off to bed where I read the boys a story and then once Ollie is asleep, I cuddle the boys and they go to sleep.

What is the most challenging part of raising four little, energetic boys?

Being a little older, I don't seem to have as much energy as I probably once did five years ago. Giving each of the boys equal amounts of my time amongst the running of the household and caring for a newborn is challenging but I’m thankful for Chris' work schedule, and he is around to help share the load most days.

And the most magical part?

Seeing the boys play, create, learn and grow with just the simple things in life. Also, the love they show towards me as a mother is just beyond beautiful. 

What are the qualities you want your boys to possess as they move into adulthood?

Love, kindness, faith, hope and respect.

Any plans to add to your tribe?

NO.Alby is definitely the last little man.