Meet Model Mama Vanessa Breuer

June 13, 2018 3 min read

Meet Model Mama Vanessa Breuer

At Home with Vanessa BreuerChild of Vanessa BreuerVictoria's Secret Angel At Home with Vanessa BreuerVanessa Breuer and childVictoria's Secret MummaRaising kids in IbizaFree Range KidsVanessa BreuerNature Lover OverallsIndependent, globe-trotting mama-of-two, model Vanessa Breuer has lived a life on the go since she was discovered at the tender age of 14, but there’s nothing she values more than coming home to her husband and their two daughters in remote rural Ibiza, a place where she gets to slow down and live a simple life with her tribe. We spoke to this former Victoria’s Secret model about the freedom that comes with raising her girls here and some of her most treasured mama moments.  

Where were you living before Ibiza and was there a catalyst for the decision to relocate and create a life there? 

We fell pregnant while living in America but moved back to Australia (where my husband Oddy is from) when I was 32 weeks pregnant as I didn’t have health insurance and you never know what could happen. I sold my apartment in New York and instead of living ‘the traditional way’ with a mortgage and regular jobs, we decided, when Luca was only 5 months old, to spend some time travelling abroad.

We wanted to find a base in Europe, we had friends on the island and we also got married here so we always felt a strong connection to Ibiza. When we found our house, that was that. Originally we wanted to stay for a year and then move on, but then I fell pregnant again, and 3.5 years later we are still here and have decided to stay even longer. We live in a beautiful old farmhouse and feel very lucky to have found this place. The children are happy here and we finally feel a bit more settled.

What do you love most about raising your girls on the island?

I feel very free and independent. Here, no-one really feels the need to give you advice about parenting. There is a strong community but at the same time everyone is doing their own business. We don't fee we have to compare ourselves to others and it gives me the confidence to raise our girls ‘our way’. 

Can you share with us what an average day looks like for you at home?

We wake up with cuddles in bed, make breakfast and drive Luca to kindergarten. Then I hang out and play with Evie and prep lunch while she is napping. We spend a lot of time at home or in the garden, on the trampoline or going for a little walk around the property. Luca always needed to go out and explore she used to get really bored on the mountain but Evie seems really content just being at home.

After Luca comes from school the kids play together and in the summer, we go to the beach in the afternoons. The girls absolutely adore each other, it’s so nice to see them growing up together. My husband is a stay-at-home dad and I am away a lot for work so we cherish our time together and spend a lot of time together as a family.

Your work as a model means you travelled extensively. What country has touched you the most and why?

Ohhhhh that’s a tough question. I really have to think about that one. I never really get to spend much time in the countries I visit for work, it’s usually in and out. But I will never forget the beauty of Iceland, I have never seen so many different shades of green.

Is there a moment you’ve shared with your kids that will stay with you forever?

There are many moments! But I love the little ones.... like Luca grabbing my hand when she was tiny and walking around with me. Or the first time she said ‘I love you’... or Evie’s endless need for giving kisses and cuddles. She holds you really tight after she hasn’t seen you for a while and sometimes doesn’t let go for like 10-15 minutes. It’s the most amazing feeling.


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