Life on the Land with Photographer Kacie Herd

June 26, 2019 2 min read

Life on the Land with Photographer Kacie Herd

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Life on a Farm

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Living in dusty, dry country New South Wales, Photographer and Mama Kacie Herd loves capturing photos of country kids at home on the farm with cows, horses, dogs and chickens. These kids are living an idealistic and adventurous childhood – by channeling their innate sense of discovery and having the freedom to explore their natural surroundings, they truly are living their best life. Enjoy these magical photos that embody a quintessential Australian family living on the land.

What led a Kiwi girl to a life on the land in the Central West of New South Wales?

I started off my Aussie life on the coast and ended up in north west Queensland. I met my husband (a country bumpkin) at the Julia Creek (horse) races and I haven’t left the countryside since. We have now live in the Central West and we absolutely love it here.

How do your surroundings, especially the animals, inspire your photography?

This dusty dry country is a photographer’s dream. The best thing about living on the land is the animals. I have a big love for cows and horses and their beauty.

Describe what it’s like working with BOTH kids and animals?

I can’t believe people say ‘never work with either animals or children’ - it is natural, candid and effortless.

What is your favourite time of day and why?

The best time of the day is either sunrise or sunset.

Tell us something adventurous you and your kids like to do at home? 

Most of our free time on the farm is spent walking with the dogs or fishing at the fresh water creek just near the homestead. It is truly a beautiful place to raise children.