Journey to Portugal with Stylist Claudia Martin & Family

May 15, 2019 2 min read

Journey to Portugal with Stylist Claudia Martin & Family

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Meet Stylist Claudia Martin and her family, Levi, Eve & India. After spending last summer living in a 1962 vintage caravan, this mama decided to take her family on an adventure to Portugal, where her own family heritage lies. Soaking up the culture, medieval castles, cobblestone villages and idyllic coastline, Claudia shares with us some of the magical moments that have brought her girls a true sense of adventure and what it’s like to see this beautiful country through their eyes.

Best thing about spending last summer living in your 1962 vintage caravan, Wanda?

It was so easy and fun with the kids! We genuinely had the best time exploring parts of Australia we had never been to. The kids still talk about moving back into Wanda. It was simple and slow, exactly what the kids (and I) crave.

What lured you and your tribe to Portgual?

I have family heritage here and we had never travelled to Europe with the girls. They have grown up being exposed to parts of the Portuguese culture, but have never experienced it first hand. They are soaking it all up and trying to learn the language. 

Everything seemed to fall into place and it was the ideal time for us to travel. I grew up visiting often, but now I love seeing the country through their fresh eyes. They are really loving it. 

What’s on your packing essentials list?

Very little! Now that the girls are a bit older, we only need to pack the basics. They want to wear dresses everyday, so we brought our favourite easy to wear and wash dresses.

Can you share one special memory or place on this trip where you felt a true sense of adventure?

That moment that we were in the heart of Lisbon city and the girls looked up and couldn’t believe they could see a real life castle, where real life princesses used to live! I loved seeing their little faces in awe.

Any wise-words for families heading to Portugal for the first time?

The country is so easy to navigate and tourist friendly. There are lots of beautiful castles, parks and beaches to explore if the kids need a break from the busy cities. Take your time and try not to cram too much into your day.

Depict travelling with kids in one sentence for us….

Constant! But definitely worth it.