Free the Sea & World Oceans Day

June 05, 2020 2 min read

Free the Sea & World Oceans Day





To celebrate our love of the ocean, Children of the Tribe has created ‘Free the Sea’. We know that you, our much-loved community, share the belief that children are happiest playing free in their natural environment and feeling connected to the Earth.

Together, we can teach our kids about the importance of the Earth’s oceans, doing our bit to reduce debris and helping to preserve marine life. Monday June 8 is World Oceans Day so we’ll be heading to our local beach for some clean-up fun. We hope that you will join us in taking care of our coastal environment by heading to your nearest beach too.

The shoot for ‘Free the Sea’ features Kazzie Mahina and her two boys, Makoa Tide and Kona Wild. A professional mermaid and marine conservationist, this mama of two has long lived an ocean-loving lifestyle in Byron Bay and jumped at the chance to help spread the World Oceans Day’ message with us.

We chatted to Kazzie’s eldest son, 7 year old Makoa about his love of the ocean, and his mermaid mama.

Makoa, why do you love the ocean?

It is home to the most beautiful sea life. I love snorkelling and identifying species of fish and other creatures. 

What's your favourite thing about going to the beach?

Going surfing and shredding waves!

Why do you think we need to take care of the ocean?

Because sadly people put their trash in the ocean and it makes the sea creatures sick. 

How do you feel about your mum being a mermaid? 

I'm really proud of my mum because she cares about the ocean so much and her job is all about protecting the ocean and the sea creatures. 


Photography Dee by the Sea

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