Wild Earth : Children's Garden

March 29, 2018 2 min read

Wild Earth : Children's Garden

Wild Earth launches 3 AprilCraft by Meet Make CreateZaza in the Native Embroidered Blouse and Chambray overallsArt and Craft in the Little Seeker DressKeep Going Keep GrowingFamily Community Event by Children of the TribeMusic by Josh Boots, Northern Rivers EntertainmentEmma and Daughter Coco - Children of the TribeMeet Make CreateWild Earth ToteFamily event for Wild EarthWalk a little lighterTex planting in the Children of the Tribe GardenKeep cups by Pottery for the PlanetCommunity plantingCoco and Lucy Wild EarthGirls in this season's chambraySpread by Harvestharvest newrybarAmazing plattersReady for plantingKids getting dirty for WILD EARTHMUSIC and plantsPot your plantCharlie in the Magical Wild Thing TeeOlice in the Little Seeker DressZaza planting - Wild Earth by Children of the TribePlants need water Keep Growing Keep GoingTime for morning teaChildren of the Tribe Wild Earth GardenPlanting at HarvestOur Wild Earth AW18 collection is inspired by the sky above, earth below and peace within. So to celebrate the upcoming launch - 3rd April - we gathered our local community of Byron mamas together, to teach our little ones about being connected to nature and walking a little lighter on the Earth.

Together with their little folk, the mums (and dads) enjoyed a delicious morning tea of pastries and fruit thanks to our event partner, Harvest - located in the quaint little hinterland village of Newrybar - before we unveiled the Children of the Tribe  garden bed, which will have a permanent home in the restaurant's on-site permaculture garden.

With a little help from one of Harvest's gardeners, the children got their hands dirty and planted out the garden with in-season produce.

In a shaded corner under the trees, the children enjoyed nature craft thanks to the amazing Meet Make Create, potting their own seedlings and decorating the pots as a take-home gift. Everyone received their own lettuce seeds, in the form of a plant-able card, to help spread our #tribewildearth message about the importance of growing our own food, and minimising our footprint on the Earth.

Wild Earth AW18 launch event from Children of the Tribe on Vimeo.

A huge thank you to the following people who helped us create the perfect morning:

Harvest, for creating a beautiful morning tea and inviting us all into their magical garden space.

Pottery for the Planetfor their gorgeous ceramic coffee cups.

Meet Make Create for the kids' craft corner. 

Josh Boots from North Coast Entertainment for the tunes.

Jess from Wilde Visual for the amazing photography.

Peachey Pie for the styling pieces.