Birth Charts for Your Little Wonder

March 01, 2019 2 min read

Birth Charts for Your Little Wonder

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Here at Children of the Tribe we love that every child we meet is unique. So when we discovered Various Friends, we knew we had to find out more about the mama who is putting her own spin on the stars to create bespoke birth charts for children. 

Residing in the Northern Rivers with her husband Adam and raising their two beautiful children, Banjo and Clancy, Brooke spoke to Children of the Tribe about astrology’s renewed moment in the sun, the inspiration behind her business venture, and what beautiful insights can obtained from having a personalised birth chart for your own precious little ones.

Tell us who’s in your tribe?

Myself, my husband Adam, our 3.5-year-old Banjo and our 1-year-old Clancy.

What inspired you to start Various Friends?

I didn't know where my Astrology studies were going to take me until I gave birth to Clancy last year. I immediately looked up her chart to see what I was in for and how we could best parent her. At that point I know I would use Astrology to help other parents learn more about their children.

What is one thing you hope your kids take away from their own birth chart?That they are magical little creatures. And that they see the beauty in their own uniqueness.

Do you feel that astrology is having a renewed moment in the sun whereby it has an increased relevance for the time in which we live?

I think collectively we are at a time where people are not only into their physical well-being but also their relationship with life. We no longer accept things at face value and we look everywhere for answers. Astrology can help us become the best version of ourselves. 

Describe your three favourite attributes in a person?

Open minded, a sense of humour and kindness


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