Twin Mama Life

August 22, 2018 2 min read

Twin Mama Life

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Together with her husband Nolan, Photographer and Twin Mama, Davita Miles is soaking up the slowness that comes with welcoming new life into the world. Davita spoke to Children of the Tribe from her home in British Columbia, Canada, about the moment they discovered two heartbeats instead of one, the twin’s unique bond, and what has surprised her most about motherhood.

Who’s in your tribe?

My husband, Nolan, is my rock. From staying up all night to help me set up for tandem feeds to changing diapers to packing all our bags for the lake, he does it all. My twins Livia and Kingston are 3 months old now. They have rounded out and completed our little tribe. Adventures with them are now better than any we’ve done before. 

How did you feel when you discovered you were having twins?

As we sat in our first ultrasound, emotions were running high as we waited to catch the first glimpse of our baby. My husband asked if that little thing moving was the heart beat and the Sonographer flipped us the monitor and said ‘you mean heart beats’. There were TWO babies and TWO little heartbeats. Nolan and I looked at each other and the tears started pouring. There is no emotion or experience that compares, it really was the best surprise of our lives. 

Twins have a bond that starts in the womb, tell us a little about the connection that Kingston & Livia have with each other?

I think they are just learning now how connected they truly are. We can sit them across from each other and they just stare, smile and coo at each other. It’s magical to watch them      interact - there is something so special about it. From womb to now, they are always together. We sleep them in the same crib, I tandem breastfeed them. They both have such different personalities already. I can’t wait to see how they grow into themselves as individuals and as they deepen the bond they share. It’s going to be wild. 

What has surprised you most about motherhood so far?

How natural it’s been. My husband and I have always traveled. Before we got married we      spent a few months backpacking through South East Asia and Central America. We are the couple that throws their stuff in the back of the camper to sleep on the beach for a last minute surf trip. For years we were planning our next adventure but we had no idea that our        best adventure would be our twins. We are loving soaking in the slowness and the craziness all at the same time. I’ve loved watching my body change and nourish these two babes. It’s all been so organic. Now we are looking forward to taking our babes to our favourite spots. It’s  just so surreal.

Finish these sentences:

Love is…. A force of nature

Motherhood is…an adventure. A never ending adventure! 

My favourite time of day is….  Dawn. It used to be dusk but it’s now dawn. I love the stillness in the early morning and waking up to our babies’ smiles