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Little Splendour, presented by Kidzclub Australia is just around the corner. Being held 20-22nd July, the ultimate kids’ festival-within-a-festival is open each day from 10-5pm, and designed for your little ones to run wild, play and embrace a world of wonder.

With so much to see and do, everything from face painting, the giant sandpit, and interpretive dance in the music garden, to a host of arts, craft, music and dance workshops, here are our picks for Little Splendour 2018!

1. Play school legend, and one of Australia’s most famous children’s performers, Justine Clarke is coming to Splendour for the first time.
2. There’ll be a Silent Disco for your little ones, grab a pair of wireless headphones and bust a move under disco balls and laser beams – running continuously from 10am – 5pm each day.
3. Our friends Poppy Galactic And The Beat will be serving up super fun, electronic dance music both kids and parents will dig.
4. Finnley Connors, daughter of our very own Tribe Mama, Mez, 14 year old Finn has an angelic voice and catchy acoustic guitar riffs. Check her out Friday 4pm.
5. DJ Skool by Cory Fletcher - with twice daily sessions, Cory will put the kids through their paces, withhis basic DJ skills workshop.
6. Photobooth and Glitter Stall - Get your tribe ready for fantasy and good vibes and visit the dress up photobooth inside Little Splendour.

Little Splendour glitter how to by Glo Tatts

There'll be glitter galore but if you want to know how to create the ultimate festival look, our friends at Glo Tatts have provided this ‘How To Guide’:

BIO GLO Glitter Application:
All BIO GLO comes with an eco glass jar with cork lid of glitter, eco bamboo application brush and canvas bag to keep your sparkle in.
1.Apply an adhesive to the desired area of your skin using your Application Brush (you can use GLO Glitter Fix Gel, hair gel, coconut oil, moisturiser, paw paw balm etc)
2. Dip your brush into the pot of glitter and gently dab over the top of the adhesive - keep layering for a chunkier effect (rolling the brush while applying can help even the layer of glitter)
3. The GOLDEN RULE: More is More - so keep layering your glitter and try blending two (or even three) colours together using a shading technique - always use the lightest colour where you see light i.e. if you are glittering your cheeks, use the lightest colour to highlight the top part of your cheek bone and work in the darker colours on the lower part of your cheek, this will create a 'contouring' effect.
4. Wait for the adhesive to dry
5. Now go out and Sparkle!

BIO GLO is 100% Biodegradable and certified compostable, that means it is safe for Mother Earth's waterways, oceans, forests and even safe enough to eat! It has the same reflective shine as normal (and harmful) PET glitter but is super soft to apply. All raw materials are made from renewable resources and no GM ingredients. A truly environmentally friendly alternative to PET based glitters
Saci applies glitterMore is more glitterGlitter for Splendour in the GrassMore is more when it comes to sparklesGlitter is festival fun
GLO TATTS Tattoo Application:

Tattoos are made from the highest quality ingredients and will last anywhere between 1 day to 2 weeks depending on factors such as skin type, location and care - the use of shower gels may shorten the life of the tattoo.
1. Ensure skin is completely dry and free from lotions
2. Cut out desired tattoo as close to the edge as possible - this will help when placing it
3. Remove clear sheet
4. Press tattoo onto your skin face down, hold a wet cloth against it for 30 seconds - make sure the entire design is covered and wet.
5. Gently slide paper aside, revealing the tattoo
6. Be sure not to stretch or twist skin until the tattoo has completely dried (at least 10 minutes)
TIP: Your glow-in-the-dark tattoo loves light! It's as easy as holding a torch or phone light to the tattoo and allowing it to absorb the light for a few seconds. Watch it shine and glow when the lights are off.

Bio-degradable glitter by Glo Tatts

For more information visit Little Splendour

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