BTS with Chelsea Aaron

September 21, 2018 2 min read

BTS with Chelsea Aaron

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Hawaiian Mama and Photographer, Chelsea Aaron is living her best life as a mama-of-five. With a free-spirited lifestyle true to our own, together with videographer hubby, Ryan, their tribe spend their days exploring the natural world and discovering the beauty in their surroundings. Life on the island of Maui is spent with their water-lovin’ babes chasing waterfalls, hiking and exploring the pristine paradise they call home. We are beyond excited to have collaborated with this creative duo, who brought our ‘Paradise Found’ collection to life through their magical imagery.

Tell us about where the campaign was shot? Did you and your tribe need to hit the road to get to the shoot location?
The campaign was shot in a jungle nearby. We took several days to make it happen. This ended up being three separate locations all within an hour of each other.

You were just weeks away from having bub #5, little West, so you must have been amazingly strong and fit to undertake a campaign this late stage of pregnancy. How do you keep healthy when expecting?
Yes, this was a lot to take on. I'm very active with the kids and go on daily hikes, so my energy levels were still high. We don't watch much television and we're always on the go, which doesn't leave room for much down time. I'm a pretty much a 'go with the flow' kind of mama, but at the same time used to the hustle.

Your husband Ryan is a videographer and created the Paradise Found campaign video. What’s is it like working together?
I love being able to work with my husband. We work as a team constantly so this comes naturally to us. When we get into our creative flow together, that’s when the magic happens!

What’s it like directing and shooting your own children?
Directing my own children is a pleasure and it's a blessing to be able to work with them and spend so much time together.

Tell us about one treasured memory from the shoot?
Something that stands out to me when thinking of this shoot is; while I was dressing Bennett in her next outfit, I turned my head to check on the other kids and Jack was fully clothed playing in the waterfall by himself. He was wearing what he needed to wear in the next "look" so at first I was a little distraught but his joyful giggle won me over and I just sat down and smiled, taking in the moment.