September 03, 2017 1 min read


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Steve Lawton, Hubby of Children of the Tribe Founder, Emma McClean, is Dad to their two girls, Willow and Coco. To coincide with Father’s Day, we took some time to chat about raising girls, and what he loves most about fatherhood.

How do you love to spend time with your girls? 

We pretty much live at the beach. Most afternoons, we’re straight down there after school and we don’t come out off the sand until the sun’s almost set. The girls love nothing more than being in the water and share my love of the ocean.    The thing I love most is watching them learn to surf; there’s nothing better than Willow’s beaming smile after she’s caught a wave.

We live a pretty active lifestyle, whether I’m teaching the girls to surf or to skate, or heading away for quick camping trips, we’re always outdoors. I’m a big believer in empowering the girls to live an active life, to play in nature exploring and discovering new places, and to always appreciate the beauty of where we live.

What qualities do you admire most in Willow and Coco? 

They girls couldn’t be more different. Willow is determined and knows exactly what she wants. She’s strong, brave and not afraid to try new things. On the other hand, we have Coco, she’s quirky, eccentric and a born performer. She is so so cuddly and ever since we can remember, she’s had this obsession of holding onto Emma’s hair for comfort.

Describe your little tribe in three words….

Adventurous, inspiring, unstoppable