Kelly Davies-Green from Maurie & Eve

February 23, 2018 4 min read

Kelly Davies-Green from Maurie & Eve

Kelli Davies-Green and Husband JezJez and TaviAt Dusk baby wrapbeach lifeTavi in the wild singlet and at dusk skirtBeach adventuresRyder in our Tranquillity shorts and Bowie in our Tranquility JumpsuitKids at playKellie - founder of Maurie and EveKellie Davis- Green

As co-founder of iconic Australian fashion label, Maurie & Eve, Kelly Davies-Green is one stylish mama. Together with husband Jez, they’re raising their three beautiful kids - Bowie, Ryder and Tavi - on Sydney’s idyllic Northern Beaches. We caught up with Kelly to chat about her style and inspiration, the importance of taking time out to fill your own cup and how she’s creating a happy, full and rich life with her tribe.

What are you inspired by right now? 

Art, Photography, Music, Travel, Nature, Linen, Barefoot, Ocean, Salty skin, Relaxed lifestyle, Healthy living, Fresh food, Meditation, Yoga …. Honestly so much has been turning and churning in me of late.

Particularly inspired by strong women who walk their walk and talk their talk. It's so beautiful seeing women supporting each other and holding space to guide and help one another. These women have helped me unearth and I have a real passion and drive to share more of me.

What does style mean to you? 

Style to me is feeling natural, comfortable and confident. Whether that’s the way in which I style my home, my outfit or through my work. My personal style has changed over the years and I would describe my style as relaxed, minimal, undone and soft.

With the juggle of running a successful label and being a mama of 3, how important is taking time out for ‘you’?

Self care is up there on the very top of my list, I cannot express how important it is and how much of a difference it has made to my life. For many years I rarely took time for myself. I worked hard, looked after the kids, kept my house clean and made sure everyone was fed with all the love they needed!

Last year I woke up and I felt completely burnt out and mentally exhausted. I realised that to be the best mother and wife I could be, I had to put myself up on the top of the to-do list. Since that promise to myself, I’ve never felt happier, fuller and richer in my life.

In those early days with a newborn or toddler it does feel impossible to get anytime to yourself. Try to find those small moments, taking yourself outside to water the garden for 10 minutes or take your cup of tea outside and soak up some Vitamin D.

As my children have gotten older I have found it much easier to sneak in a morning yoga class or a hot soak in the bath. Although most days are really busy I always find something to fill up my cup. It took me years to prioritise “me” time but I remind myself often that I must take good care of myself in order to take good care of my family.

What parenting advice would you pass onto new mums?  

Go with the flow – some days are beautiful and amazing and other days are just so hard! Know that each day gets a little easier as you and your baby get to know each other more.

Try to enjoy all of the ages, stages and moments because it really goes fast.

Motherhood can be absolutely exhausting and trying at times so taking care of yourself is so important.

Always trusted your instincts!

What is the secret to maintaining a fun, happy marriage? And when you get a child-free night out, how do you spend it?

Firstly, I married a big kid! Jezi is the clown of the house and is always making us laugh, even when one of the kids are in trouble, he’ll turn it into a joke. We are best mates and truly love and respect each other. I know when he needs time out and sometimes I have to push him out the door to go for a surf and take some time for himself; it’s so important for our relationship.

We’ve done so much in our 10 years of marriage. We’re enjoying the journey together and are excited about the future, watching our kids learn and grow.

Not long ago we changed our monthly date night into a day date and we’re really loving it. We head to the beach, have brunch, go for a walk and just hang out.

How do you hope your children describe you in years to come?

This question actually brings tears to my eyes. All we all want is to get it right! Do the absolute best we can for our little loves. I know I’m trying my best but often worry if I missed something or aren’t doing enough. I hope my children describe me as loving, nurturing, patient, supportive, joyful, present and cuddly.

What’s next for Maurie & Eve?

We’re currently working on something that really excites me! I am so passionate about this as I feel it represents who I am. I can’t tell you much but we’ll be sharing more in a few months.

For more information, find Kelly on Instagram @kellydaviesgreen 

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