An Interview with Emma McClean

August 04, 2017 2 min read

An Interview with Emma McClean

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What was the inspiration behind The Traveller?

We’ve always been known for playful prints so we thought it was time to create a collection that was more versatile. The Traveller offers timeless pieces that have been designed to be worn from the beach, to the bush, and all over the globe. We have used fabrics that are super lightweight so the pieces are easy to wear, as well as being easy to travel with; and they fold really well!

    Tell us about the creative direction behind the campaign shoot…

    For a long, long time I’ve had this image in my mind of a donkey standing in front of a peach pink wall. Ideally the dream location was somewhere like Marrakesh, but we ended up finding the perfect location just an hour’s drive away on the Gold Coast. The Borrowed Nursery is a beautiful space and provided the ideal scene for the shoot. Located in an industrial estate complete with a mechanic, welding workshop and the sound of coffee brewing, we definitely caused a bit of a commotion when Tabitha, our stubborn donkey from Ipswich, made her entrance.

    What was it like to work with Tabitha the donkey?

    There is a saying ‘never work with children or animals’ and with this campaign, we completely went against the grain. The kids in the shoot live on a farm in the Tweed Valley so they’re surrounded by animals and were naturals when it came to working with Tabitha. She really was a stubborn old mule, especially when trying to get her to move, but with a little coaxing she would eventually make a strange hissing sound, then move those legs. We especially love the shot of her looking down the barrel of the lens!

    Tell us about the kids...

    Sonny and Lola are from the Sawyer family who featured in our short film, Slowearlier this year. Once we had decided on including a donkey in the shoot, it was a given that Sonny and Lola would be the perfect fit. We love using real kids in our shoots and the fact that we had witnessed first-hand the Sawyer kids interacting with animals in their home environment, we knew they’d have no qualms when we threw donkey into the mix!

    Tell us what you love most about this collection? 

    We’ve taken care to design a collection that really is just so easy to wear. With features such as adjustable cross backs and elasticated necklines, coupled with our relaxed fit features such as the dropped crotch, the pieces are crafted to fit both boys and girls of various shapes and sizes. You have to feel just how soft and luxurious the crushed cotton really is. And I am just a little in love with the new mustard tie-dye print.

    About the location

    The Borrowed Nursery provide plants for all kinds of events and beautifully considered spaces as well as stocking a bespoke collection of potted plants in their retail spaces. They also offer a styling service for plants where customers can purchase and borrow plants. We loved collaborating with The Borrowed Nursery for The Traveller.

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