Oct 2016



People Places Plates blogger Rebecca Jobson is one globetrotting mama. Bec, her surfing legend partner Taj Burrow and their adorable bebe, Arabella Rose, have visited some killer destinations as a family since their little girl's arrival last year. Bec spoke to Children of the Tribe about her recent trip to the Maldives, a night in the ultimate Bali treehouse and shared her helpful tips for travelling with a baby in tow.

You and your tribe recently travelled to the Maldives. Talk about a dreamy destination! Was it everything you'd imaged?

Yes, everything we'd imagined plus more! It has been on my bucket list for such a long time, and I've been Pinterest stalking it forever. It’s even more beautiful that what photos give it credit for. 

Where did you stay? 

The Four Seasons Kuda Huraa. The Four Seasons has two resorts in the Maldives, and we were lucky enough to stay on the one on the island of Kuda Huraa. The resort takes up the whole island, and they have four restaurants and bars for you to choose from. It’s heaven! There's even a whole island dedicated exclusively to the spa, so you have to get a little boat over to get your spa treatments. It’s pretty special.

Nice! What was the highlight for you?

The water. Fresh off a plane from winter in Australia, we exited the airport and walked straight onto a dock that was over the most insanely blue-coloured water. It is so unique to get everywhere by boat and that’s one of the beautiful things about the magical Maldives; it feels like you're starring in a movie. I could not stop staring at the water; it was so warm even bubs could come swimming with us. 

Can you share a special moment you shared with your family over there?

At our resort, they had a marine rehabilitation centre, which is the most amazing thing ever. It’s really interactive for the kids and they have a turtle sanctuary where they save sick or injured turtles or those that aren't quite strong enough to survive on their own when they hatch. They look after them until they are fit enough to be released back into the ocean. Bella was obsessed with them and we'd take her to see them every day. It’s so special to see her love for the ocean beginning to grow.

Bella is certainly clocking up some air miles – Hawaii, Bali, California and the Maldives. Where will you guys be heading next?

I know! What a lucky little thing. Her passport is already more impressive than mine was when I was 20. Her first flight was to Hawaii when she was only eight weeks old and we took lots of photos so we can show her when she is older and remind her how lucky she is.

We actually don't have any trips planned for the first time in a while.Her dad has been on a travel schedule his whole life and finally has the freedom to go wherever he likes so we're really enjoying some time at home; it sometimes feels like more of a holiday than when we travel. We live in the best place on the planet, down south of Perth. It’s just so beautiful and we've been doing lots of little road trips to places that Bella and I have never been to. I'm sure we'll get itchy gypsy feet soon and want to go somewhere but it’s pretty hard to plan to leave when the Australian summer is coming up. There’s nothing better.

I see you guys stayed at sustainable boutique hotel Bambu Indah in Bali recently. It looks like such a beautiful place…

It’s insane! I can't wait to go back. It was a really last-minute trip and we only stayed for one night. Next time, I think I’ll want to stay a little longer so we don't have to cram everything in. We stayed in the Pagoda house, which is a four-storey treehouse. It was like something out of a fairytale.

Where's your favourite place to eat in Bali?

There are so many good places to eat in Bali now. In such hot weather, all I want to eat is something fresh and healthy so my go-to places are The Shady Shack and Peloton in Canggu for smoothie bowls. Mexican food is my absolute favourite, so you can’t go past Mexicola and Lacalaca.

What's the best thing about travelling with your tribe?

I just love experiencing new things with my tribe. I think we're a pretty good team; [Taj] is so helpful so I'm not left doing everything myself. Bella is such a social baby so she makes it easy to keep life as normal as possible without too much interruption. She loves getting out and about like us and she doesn't whinge while we do it. She definitely has an adventurous side like we do so she slots into our tribe perfectly.

Do you have any tips for travelling with a baby?

Research! Make sure you're prepared for the destination you're going to and do as much reading as you can before you go. Travelling with a baby includes lots of "things" so you definitely don't want to take anything unnecessary that you won’t use. If you're staying in a hotel, they often give you the option of supplying a portacot so you don't have to take your own and some places even have a list of companies that you can rent baby supplies, like cots and prams, from so you don't have to go though the hassle of dragging those things around the world with you. Little things like that can make such a difference and makes the whole experience so much less stressful, which is what a travelling is all about!

Also, invest in a good baby carrier. We use the Ergobaby 360 and it’s the best because when are in transit, we just pop Bella in there and she's happy and I have free hands to help out with carrying things - or shopping at duty free!

I keep an all-natural hand sanitiser, and a small spray bottle of colloidal silver in my handbag to sterilise things, as we all know how dirty planes and airports can be. I also have a little tonic from my local homeopath, which we all take before travelling just to boost our immune systems. The last thing you want is a sick tribe member on your holiday!