Aug 2016




Talented Swedish photographer Anna Malmberg and her tribe recently headed to Italy to celebrate a very special birthday. Anna, who has forged a successful photography career in her native Stockholm and Paris, spoke to Children of the Tribe about living la dolce vita, drinking Prosecco under the stars surrounded by hundreds of fireflies and the beauty of seeing the world through her son’s eyes.

Who is in your tribe?

Me, my partner Joncha and our son Sonny Lou, 4.

Tell us about your recent trip to Italy. That house looked like something out of a movie!

We travelled to Tuscany in May with my parents, my sisters, their boyfriends and me and Sonny Lou to celebrate my Dad's birthday. Unfortunately, Joncha had to stay home to work.
We found the most amazing house on Airbnb in the small village of Nugola Vecchia. We all fell in love with it and spent lots of time there and it really felt we were in a movie.
We rented a mini bus so we did some trips to places like Lucca, Florence, some vineyards and small villages. Tuscany is so beautiful with its silvery olive groves, ancient medieval villages and green hills so it's perfect for road trips. There’s so much to see and discover.

Can you share one special memory from your trip?

One evening we baked homemade pizza in the old stone oven in the yard; everyone helped. Then we ate the best pizza I’ve ever had and drank pink Prosecco under the stars surrounded by hundreds of fireflies, which made the evening magic. Sonny Lou fell asleep on a daybed next to us on the outside terrace. I just remembered the times when my sisters and I were young and fell asleep to the sound of the music and buzz from our parents’ dinners and parties and how safe and nice it was. The whole evening was like a scene from my favorite movie, Stealing Beauty.

What’s the best thing about travelling with your son?

It's to be able to focus 100 per cent on him. To be together without the stress of work that has to be done and e-mails that have to be answered. We always get so much closer each other those times and I feel that he grows a lot with all the new experiences and expressions.

Any tips for travelling with kids?

Our boy kind of loves the same things as us, so it's easy to travel with him. I love to see everything through his eyes. We love to do long road trips but I think he need to be older to appreciate that. If we would travel far in the car, I would stop a lot on the way and always bring some fruit, crackers and toys so he wouldn't be bored and loose his energy. A grumpy or crying child in the back seat can kill any vacation mood! Also, to stay in a place where you have your own kitchen is also great as it's so much easier, cheaper and nicer to make your own food when you have kids.

What would your dream family vacation look like?

I love the idea of Airbnb and the possibility of feeling like you’re at home on your vacation. I would love to rent a house for a month or so in Bali or somewhere in the south of U.S with the whole family and some friends. Then you have the time to discover things around and also just take it easy.