Oct 2016



If there’s one place in the world where you’re bound to find a bunch of mums with surfboards on one hip and little beach babies on the other,
it’s the magical beach town of Byron Bay.
Such was the case on a recent sunny Sunday when a group of local surfing mamas, decked out in women’s wetsuit label Atmosea, set up at the beach for a surf and picnic.
The waves were perfect, the sun was warm and the picnic table was full of delicious healthy treats to share.



These legendary ladies took turns surfing and minding each other’s kids and then sat around the table talking all things work and motherhood.

Invigorated by their morning surf session and being able to combine their great loves – the ocean, time with their soul sisters and their babies - the conversation was flowing; although certainly different from their pre-baby lives!

These legendary ladies - The Bare Road co-director Katie Cook, fallenBROKENstreet’s Diva Corey, lawyer Isabelle Braley and single mum and specialist in love and vegan cooking Siobhan O’Reilly - are the perfect ambassadors for Atmosea.

The unique wetsuit label, created especially for women, is inspired by those who band together and support each other as they navigate through motherhood while continuing to do what they love - surf.

For this crew, surfing is a passion, an outlet for stress, a form of exercise and a peaceful and humbling experience.

These mums all believe that when you get to do what you love with people you love, the world is a happier place.

We couldn’t agree more, ladies.



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