Model and actress Amanda Booth is the perfect mix of beauty, brains and heart. The LA-based mama is married to creative director Mike Quinones and has an adorable son, Micah. Ever since their beautiful boy was diagnosed with Down syndrome at three months of age, Amanda has become a passionate spokesperson for the special needs community. She spoke to Children of the Tribe about motherhood, meeting her man, living in the moment and Micah’s burgeoning modelling career.

You have such a beautiful, happy family. How would you describe your little tribe in three words?

 Loving loyal tornado.

I read a piece on you on the Wildfox website and it described your husband Mike looking at you like you were still his dream girl. I am a lover of love so I thought that was gorgeous! How did you guys meet?

It’s pretty funny, actually. One of my best friends, and roommate at the time, started to work for Mike. She was a women's designer for a brand he directed creatively. So, for the launch party I was her date. We locked eyes - and he ran away; I was pretty sure he hated me. He was always avoiding me from that point on, on company camping trips, holiday parties... Turns out, he fancied me but had a girlfriend at the time. He was doing the chivalrous thing. When that didn't work out for him, he stole my number from Kerri’s phone while she was away from her desk. We've been inseparable ever since.

What has Micah’s arrival brought to your home and family? 

Exhaustion, poop, exercise, love, understanding, patience, acceptance, unity, and a sense of purpose.

You’ve become a spokesperson for the Down syndrome community. Was it important to you to raise awareness for those living with Down Syndrome and recognise that those with DS – like Micah - can live a beautiful and fulfilling life?

Nothing is more important that showing the world Micah through my eyes. I feel like we have come so far in understanding what Down Syndrome can mean, and even in saying that means we have so far to go. It's every parent’s job to stick up for their child, to give them to best leg up. We are just more aware of that. 

Micah has won a legion of fans with close to 50,000 followers on Instagram. And he has an agent, too. Are you happy for him to follow in your footsteps and have a career in front of the camera?

He genuinely loves being the centre of attention, and being photographed. Until the day comes that he would rather roll in the mud, or chase the dogs, why not! I know when he can read the wonderful things people have to say about him, it will give him confidence. It's why we all do it, really. I think that's going to be so wonderful for him! I also think it's important that people see diversity in media. I know a lot of people have been fighting for that for a long time, but the special needs community seems to have been forgotten in that struggle. It’s our duty to be his voice until he forms his own.

What has Micah taught you about life so far?

Why waste time trying to figure it out. Make wise choices, help others, love wildly and enjoy the ride! 

What do the three of you love to do together? 

We love to watch Elmo, oh wait...that's just Micah! [Laughs]. We like to be outside as much as possible so bike rides, the beach, hikes and camping. It’s hard to remember to slow down at times, but Micah is good at reminding us. 

Can you share a favourite hidden gem in your hood?

 We live in Los Feliz and I think our favorite little thing is the staircase just outside our house. It goes through the neighborhood, up this giant hill and when you're at the top, it's a beautiful view of the city! 

You grew up in a family of seven kids. Do you and Mike plan on having a huge tribe?

I so very much wish that were our desire, but no. We want to give everything we've got to little Micah. We have a lot of dogs too, and they're part of our tribe for sure.

What quote do you live by?

 "All the money in the world can't buy back a day." I have always stressed importance to slow it down, be in the moment, and save your money so you can do that! [Laughs]. Seriously though, balance is key. 

You’re an actress as well as a model. What is your dream role and who is your dream-costar?

 Anything directed by Judd Apatow alongside the beautiful Leslie Mann. Maybe we can be sisters one day…

You have hit a major milestone turning 30 recently. How did you celebrate?

Mike flew my best friends out from the east coast to celebrate! It was spent stressing over naptime, indulging in too many sweets, smothered by my nearest and dearest. It was perfect. 

Have you travelled with Micah as yet and if not, where would you love to take him?

We have taken him on obligatory trips [work and family reunions] but nothing just for fun yet! We are aiming to take him to Hawaii quite soon. Little man LOVES the ocean - any body of water, really - and I know we can all use a little of that energy!! 

Thank you so much, Amanda!