The Making Of OCHRE

April 28, 2021 2 min read

The Making Of OCHRE

Designed for free-spirited and adventurous little ones, our latest collection OCHRE, pays homage to Australia and its vast, wild and earthy terrain. Inspired by a strong connection to the earth, land and sea, OCHRE invites you to look inwards and ground yourself amongst the landscapes that surround us.

To celebrate the launch of OCHRE we wanted to highlight the inspiration and making behind this collection and introduce you to Pete Pascoe, one of Children Of The Tribe's Designers who we've worked with for seven years and is the creative genius behind the inspiration and design of OCHRE.

Tell us a little about yourself!

I'm a pretty laid back fella who loves nature. You can usually catch me surfing, in the garden or adventuring with my little two-year-old Milo. I've been designing prints for Children of the Tribe for several years now, it's a really fun way to express your ideas from start to finish and eventually see all the little humans frothing on the designs. Now that I have a little grom myself, I get to make stuff that he loves, which is a pretty good bonus for me personally! In between my usual freelance work, I've been getting deep into the permaculture world, which has been pretty life-changing!

What inspired you to create the prints in this collection and name it OCHRE?

Coming from an Indigenous Australian background, I really wanted to incorporate some Indigenous art and spread awareness of this unique style. It's cool to see Children of the Tribe supporting these ideas, which I believe creates a positive effect within the community, especially for young people who are learning about Indigenous Australia and want to wear the pieces. Not just because it looks cool, but because of the story and meaning behind the designs. The word OCHRE comes from the earthy tones we are so familiar with in Australia and pays homage to the medium with which Indigenous Australians often use to create their artworks.

What does this collection mean to you?

It was really enjoyable to create a few prints for OCHRE. I feel a personal connection to it, by incorporating Indigenous art from my cultural background. I think it honours the colours of Australia and pays homage to its ancient Indigenous culture.