Sep 2016



If there’s one thing model dad Oli Benz isn’t going to give his son Rhythm Wyld, it’s an ordinary life. Having grown up living the dream at Noosa Heads on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Oli moved to Bondi at 17 where he launched a successful career as a model and met his powerhouse fashion stylist wife, Sasha. After heading to New York for their careers a few years ago, the genetically-blessed duo now live at Long Island surf town Montauk with their baby son, Rhythm, and adorable pooch Brooklyn. As part of our Rad Dads Series, the expat model and DJ chatted to Children of the Tribe about his unconventional parenting style, his music-loving baby and living a life less ordinary. 

Describe your little family in three words.

Adventurous, unstoppable, unique.

Can you share one of your most treasured moments you've shared with Rhythm so far?

He was about six weeks old and was super unsettled and unhappy. We had tried everything so I sat him down and played the guitar to him. His face instantly lit up and he smiled at me; it was overwhelming. That was the first time we really had a moment. That has become our little thing together. When he is upset, I will play loud music or put drumsticks in his hand and drum to the beat; he loves it. I call it music class. We now do it once a day. 

What has most surprised you the most about fatherhood?

It’s funny because now I just don’t give a damn about the little things like having no sleep, getting up early or missing the surf. Normally, I would get flustered by all of that but it doesn’t bother me. There is suddenly a bigger picture. 

How would your closest friends describe your parenting style?

Unconventional, abstract and enthusiastic but questionable.  

Have you guys had any epic family travel adventures together yet? If not, where would you love to explore with your tribe in the future?

Our life is kind of always travelling and an adventure however we have yet to take the grom abroad. We have our first big trip back to Australia next month, and then we plan to go up the coast to Byron and back home to Noosa. The travel bucket list is endless, though. We plan to hit South Africa, Europe and Israel in the next year. 

To you, fatherhood is…

Easier than I thought because the tough times make the good times even better. 

Which of your beautiful wife Sasha's qualities would you most like Rhythm to inherit?

Her family values, her drive, her big brown eyes and her unbreakable attitude to succeed. 

What does an ideal Sunday look like in the Benz household?

Me, Sash, Rhythm and Brooklyn all in one bed past 9am with the telly on. Then coffee run, surf check, brekkie and a chill all day ending with wine, a movie - and a sleeping baby. None of us working, no rushing anywhere… That’s the dream.