Kane Dignum is certainly one fun-lovin’ and devoted papa. Having played at some of Australia’s most prestigious events such as Future Music Festival and Circoloco in Sydney and toured Europe as a DJ and promoter, Kane [aka Little Fritter], is now settled on Queensland’s Southern Gold Coast where he’s raising his blonde beach babes, Dusty and Pip, with his stunner of a wife Tash. We had the great pleasure of hanging with this fun family at their stylish beach pad and chatting to Kane about his family’s love of music, adventures and each other. 

You are a DJ and promoter. I know they are young but do your kids seem to share your love of music?

They definitely can feel the love. We have tunes on all the time and I'm often dancing around the house with one of them in my arms... we also have dance-offs in the car.

How would your closest friends describe your parenting style? 

Relaxed, spontaneous and fun.

What does an ideal Saturday look like in the Dignum household?

We don't spend too much time at home on the weekends especially on Saturday so our morning is normally waking up early, packing the car and going on an adventure.

Can you share one of your most treasured moments you've shared with your kids?

The birth of both of the kids will be nearly impossible to top but another treasured moment for us happens nearly every day; living on the beach as a family, walking out of our back gate onto the sand, watching the sunrises, sunsets and the full moons is something we all genuinely froth on.

Have you guys had any epic family travel adventures together? If not where would you love to explore with your tribe in the future?

We had a really fun trip to Bali with Dusty last year, and since Pip arrived we've had some epic adventures up and down the coast but looking further out, we are planning a big trip around the US next year, which will be all-time.

To you, fatherhood is…

Such a treat that I will never take for granted and something I’ll always try to make fun and filled with love.

The most challenging part of being a dad so far?

Not being able to spend enough time with them due to work commitments.

Above all else, what is your one dream for your children?

I just want them to always be deeply happy and to embrace life with a confident, positive and energetic outlook.