Mylee Grace: Mums We Love!

May 10, 2017 4 min read

Mylee Grace: Mums We Love!

Mums We Love!

Tribe Interview :: Mylee Grace

Families don’t get more colourful and creative than rad mama Mylee Grace and her tribe. Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the musician and her surfer/artist/muso partner Ozzie Wright are now raising their babes Rocky and Goldie in Byron where they are right at home amongst a myriad of other creatives. Children of the Tribe caught up with Mylee, her fellow musician mum Maria Stratton and musical progeny for a Mother’s Day shoot and to chat about life, love and all things motherhood.

Interview: Amy Mills

Pictures: Avalon Lane

You are a musician and so is your mum, Maria. Have Goldie and Rocky inherited the musical gene?

I’m pretty sure they have. Both Rocky and Goldie have natural rhythm and feel. Goldie likes to plug in the microphone and get into a singing trance, where she is completely present and in the zone. Just the other day when we were in Sydney, Rocky was on his own program writing a song, Bone Head.  The first song he wrote a couple of years ago was written on the Ukulele, titled Stubborn Button.

Maria: Yes, I would say would say so. They love dancing and Rocky plays drums, ukulele and has a good, confident strum with the guitar. Goldie loves to move and sing. 

Mylee, how would you describe your household? It must be a creative one!

It's most definitely a creative one; you couldn't walk into our home and not be hit with an explosion of colour and art mess! Like most children these days, mine also command some screen time. We don't have a television but they still they crave their computer games and watching shows on YouTube. We have boundaries around screen time but don't rule it out all together. My view is that balance is the key and tuning into what's important to them. I think allowing them to find creativity and learn new things through technology is also an important part of their new world. Even if we can't fully understand it, we need to move with it and discover what can be learned from these kids, all the while guiding them with what we have learned.

What has motherhood taught you so far?

Above all, motherhood has taught me to let go. To let go of my own ideas that have been shaped by my past. To allow my children to pave their own way and figure things out for themselves. Letting go of exhaustion and heaviness at the end of the day to make way for tomorrow's light. To let go of pettiness and control and awaken to the fact that ultimately, no matter how you parent, you have little control over who your children are and what they grow to be. 

 Your own mum was right about….

Being careful when crossing the road. 

Maria, what sort of mother is Mylee?

She’s a fantastic mother. She is on the ball, she’s dedicated and committed, loving and very aware of their diets and conscious of health.

Mylee, what is one treasured moment you've shared with your bebes?

When Rocky met Goldie for the first time. Knowing that they'd always have each other no matter what. 

And the most challenging moment as a mother so far?

When Ozzie goes away for work [usually to exotic surfing locations] saying goodbye, our hearts sink every time. 

How would your friends describe your parenting style?

I think my friends would say my parenting style is warm and fun with a sensible voice. They might say I am like Mary Poppins, “firm but fair.”

What is the secret to maintaining a fun, happy marriage as working parents? And when you get a child-free night out, how do you spend it?

Work/life/kids/love balance is a tricky task. So often, we're playing tag team which doesn't leave much time for fun together - especially when you have a three year-old who refuses to sleep in their own bed. You have to accept that it's not always going to be easy and flowing. I believe allowing each other to be completely themselves without guilt and control is the key. The traditional female/male role ideals are evolving, and there has never been a more important time to communicate what's important to each other. Working together with clear communication is the only way. When we get a child-free night, it's usually because one of our bands are playing somewhere. It's always fun to share our love for music with each other and our friends! 

The most valuable piece of parenting advice you've received? 

They're only young once. 

When you feel exhausted and life is kicking your butt, what do you like to do to recharge the batteries?

Surfing usually fixes everything for me, or at least assists in seeing things from a different angle. I also like to jump in the car with a friend and laugh, be silly and go on adventures. My friends are imperative to my sanity. When I'm in the thick of worry, there's nothing like nutting out the meaning of life with loved ones who know you down to your core. 

Which of your characteristics would you most like your daughter Goldie to inherit?

To never stop playing like a child.


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