Meet Make Create

June 23, 2017 3 min read

Meet Make Create

The table is set for creativityNature's palletLet their imagination run wildthe little details - pom poms on drink bottlesFrida and her floral headbandCreativity knows no ageworking together to create

Isla wears the Take me to Tulum Maxi Dress Shop Now

Finn and his leather headband in our Surf Gang Raglan

Finn wears the Surf Gang Raglan Shop Now

Matilda creating magic in the Jungle Fever Overalls

Matilda wears the Jungle Fever Overalls Shop Now

Headbands and wanderlust.

Rocky wears the Wanderlust Flannel Shirt Shop NowNikki from Meet Make CreateLittle or big - the Floaty Take me to Tulum Maxi is a favourite dress

Big and Little girls all wearing the Take me to Tulum Maxi Dress Shop Now

The children forage for materialsAdventure and creativityTake me to Tulum Dress by Children of the Tribe


The Take me to Tulum Maxi Dress is a floaty favourite Shop Now

Matilda gets a cuddle and a pom pom headbandFound: Natural artMatilda foraging in our Jungle Fever OverallsMatilda wears the Jungle Fever Overalls Shop NowLet their imagination soar - butterfly releaseA child's wonder - Matilda in the Jungle Fever Overalls

Matilda wears the Jungle Fever Overalls Shop Now

Exploring and CreatingChildren should be freeMixed age groupsA hills hoist transformedTime for a treathome made Toffee apples


As founder of a thriving community of imaginative children, Nikki Buckland is the woman behind Meet Make Create, providing inspirational creative workshops for kids. Her latest campaign brings to life the idea of slowing down, appreciating the outdoors and taking kids on a journey of play, discovery and creating art from nature. Children of the Tribe caught up with Nikki to talk about motherhood, her own inspiration and empowering children’s creative expression.

What inspired you to start Meet Make Create?

The key point in the evolution of the business was when I was looking for an after-school activity for my daughter Isla, one that both encouraged creativity and combined art and craft. When I couldn’t find a class that ticked the boxes, Meet Make Create was born and has quickly grown to offering the community a myriad of workshops for pre-school and school-aged kids as well as birthday parties and collaborating with like-minded businesses.

To witness young children fizzing with ideas, eager to use their imagination, to explore and experiment is so inspiring, they are bursting at the seams with fresh thinking new ideas.

Can you share a little on why it’s so important to focus on nurturing children’s creative expression?

Creative expression and empowering children through creativity is the very core of what we hope to achieve through our classes. Being creative opens our hearts and doors to our mind. It brings us to hidden parts of ourselves which allows recognition of our uniqueness and identity. The benefits of working with your hands, using fine motor skills and creative problem solving are insurmountable. 

If a child is putting together a collage and tries out different elements, laying them down, removing some, adding others and experiencing the thought process of trial and error, they are learning to creatively problem solve, something that can only be learned by doing. There is no right and no wrong but they are developing their individual sense of how it works for them aesthetically. Learning to make these decisions, developing their fine motor skills, being stimulated by colours, textures and a variety of media stimulates the brain, builds confidence and encourages their imagination.

At Children of the Tribe we are big believers in allowing children to run free outdoors, so we loved your latest campaign video. Can you tell us a little about your creative inspiration?

Thank you, it was the most incredible and magical afternoon. The world is changing at such a blistering pace, I think we sometimes forget to slow down and really appreciate and absorb the nature that we are surrounded by. The idea was to take the children on a journey through play and discovery outdoors; to notice the colours, textures of the plants, fallen Autumn leaves and the new growth in winter. I wanted to open their minds to drawing inspiration and creating art from what nature provides, whilst respecting the environment around us.

You have 3 of your own children (Maison 21, Riley, 16 and Isla 11) Do you think your children have inherited your creative gene?

I would like to think that they have. They are all smart, thoughtful and driven individuals.  Maison and Isla have definitely inherited the artistically creative gene, although some days I think I learn more from them then they do from me.  For me as a parent, encouraging creativity hasn’t only been about creative expression through art and craft, it has been about thinking outside the square. If something doesn’t work out the way you planned, then pivot and try something different.     

Can you share with us one of the most treasured moments you’ve had with a child in one of your workshops?

Just one?!  The moment that always makes my heart burst is that moment when parents arrive at pick up and the children are bursting with pride to show mum and dad what they have created. They are beaming from ear to ear and their voices are giddy with excitement. That moment of connection between parent and child gets me teary every time.

When are you the happiest?

Always happiest spending time with my husband and children. 


To find out more about Meet Make Create visit their website:

Images by Louise Beaumont Photography 

Video by Rest Your Eyes Productions

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