Christine Sandrock

October 11, 2017 3 min read

Christine Sandrock

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When we came across Christine Sandrock’s gorgeous photos, she had us stopped in our tracks, which is fitting really, because this is one mama who describes her photography as pushing the pause button to enjoy the magical moments of childhood for just a little longer.

This memory maker and lover of wicker and macramé is close to welcoming a third little one into the family so we were lucky enough to share some moments with her to chat about pregnancy, motherhood and the inspiration behind her beautiful photos.

Your Instagram feed is overflowing with beautiful photos of your little ones Lennon & Caia. Tell us about your inspiration to capture and savour the fleeting moments of childhood?
As cliché as it sounds, the innocence and beauty of their little beings is what inspires me. My children are my heroes. My muses. I want to live with abandon and get lost in their imagination. Watching them discover new things and marvel over say - dust bunnies floating in the air - is so incredibly humbling and reminds us to try to see things with more wonder and simplicity. Childhood is such a fleeting and magical time, documenting their days in a way feels like pushing the pause button to enjoy the moment a little longer.   

You’re expecting your third babe later this year. Pregnancy can be such a demanding time in a woman’s life and you’ve suffered from some fairly debilitating morning sickness. What advice would you give to other expectant mothers who share a similar experience? 
Don’t stay silent. Reach out and talk about it, don’t suffer through it alone. My mantra that usually gets us through hard times is “this too shall pass” and no matter how unlikely that sounds in that bleak moment, practicing seeing and focusing on the positive and surrounding yourself with supportive people is key. 

You seem to be fully immersed in nesting mode and clearly have a love for wicker and macramé! What are three favourite items you have for your new little man?
His vintage rattan crib/ bassinet all the way from France would be number one. Each of my babes had their own special bassinet, and this particular one seems to fit him so perfectly already. 

Number two would be his darling hand-me-downs from both older siblings. I tend to dress my babies very gender neutral in the first few months, and he has a dresser full of precious, pre-loved pieces from his big brother and sister.
Number three is our collection of ring slings. I’ve learned quickly with babe no.2 that you are always on the move with older siblings around. I foresee lots of busy days of chasing and who doesn’t adore a sweet new nugget snuggled close to the heart?

For you, what is the best thing about being a mother?
Haha, just one thing? There are so many best things about being a mother, but if I had to choose one in this very moment it would be being able to see and experience the world through my children's eyes. Children live from the heart, spending time with them is almost like a looking-glass to what lies within. There is so much happiness and lightness in their being, so much we can learn, really.
Tell us what home means to you... 
Home is not just the walls we live in, it is a million things and one. It is sanctuary for our family, it's a place where the little details we fill it with are as unique as its inhabitants. It is a culmination of past experiences, and perhaps even a mirror of your own childhood. It's where we make memories and feel safe.
Home is always where my people are. Where we all feel comfortable enough to put our feet on the table, where dirty heaps of laundry pile up, where 4 toothbrushes are lined up in front of a hand-print covered mirror, where the sound of my children's laughter, squeals and sometimes screams echo in the walls and where the dog's barks announce my husbands homecoming. And of course home is where I can take off my bra and stay in pajamas all day.