All Wrapped Up | Mumma Style

The best-selling Children of the Tribe baby wrap works just as well doubled as a head wrap for the mummas in our latest campaign for ‘Festival 2016’… Re-create the look with us.

Step 1: Keep hair natural (perfect for time poor mums!), or straight out the ocean post family day at the beach

Step 2: Grab the wrap & fold into one long skinny piece (you choose how thick you'd like it!) (approx. 3 times over)

Step 3: Place flat on top of head and wrap ends around the bottom of the head, bringing them back around to meet at the top.

Step 4: Tie, and they tuck ends into each other creating a round ‘turban’ look. 

We love this wrap worn back with easy Goddess of Babylon pieces for days out with the family, festival or beach side.


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