New in ➳ Lunch Lady Magazine

We are thrilled about this all new, delicious, fun filled, beautiful magazine about food + family. 


About Lunch Lady (by Lou) | Kate Berry launched the Lunch Lady blog in August 2013 after her then nine year old daughter Maya was bullied at school for eating a homemade lunch. Kate hoped to inspire parents and carers to make delicious lunches for their children as well as help her daughter get her spark back. My business partner - Lara Burke and I found Kate's blog and loved it. We loved her down to earth nature, her beautiful photography, and her funny, real opinion pieces about parenting. Lara and I have 15 years in magazine publishing - we founded frankie magazine in 2004 and left to start our own publishing company in 2014 ( We thought Kate's blog could form the perfect base to a printed magazine. The magazine is a collaboration between the three of us plus a bunch of enthusiastic, talented contributors.

Our ethos is to have fun with parenting. Sometimes it's easy to get lost in 'to do' lists and the seriousness of parenting. We wanted to create a warm, inclusive, inspiring space where you can find funny parenting articles, real life family stories, clever writing, beautiful photographic series and loads of really, delicious recipes. We know what it's like to face a lunch box five times a week - Lunch Lady aims to put some fun back into doing the mundane tasks we all do as parents. Lunch Lady is a reminder to have a laugh and keep things in perspective.


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