Hippie Lane with food connoisseur Taline












Hippie Lane with food connoisseur Taline Gabrielian

We just love this yummy mummy… she’s not only stunning but a connoisseur of sweet treats that are… um… healthy! Lucky for us, we had the opportunity to chat with this Australian born of Armenian decent Sydney-sider mum of two (Sebastien who’s 5 and Camille- 2) about her go-to app for delicious eats suited to the whole family along with some tips for healthy eating with little ones.


“My diet consists of a variety of fresh, unprocessed and ethically sourced food that’s mostly free of gluten, dairy, GMO and refined sugar. I’ve always been health conscious but wasn’t really on any particular eating plan. In my 20’s I experienced a variety of mild digestive issues that led me to investigate with a series of gut tests. I learnt that I had food sensitivities. I eliminated the problem foods and have never looked back.”

“After finding out that I had sensitivities to gluten, eggs and dairy about 4 or so years ago, I got thinking about how I could use alternative flours, nuts and whole foods to make sweets that were free of eggs, butter, wheat and refined sugar. I got experimenting and came up with some great tasting raw and baked alternatives. That’s how Hippie Lane came to life. I began to supply some treats to one of our cafes in Sydney and created an Instagram account where I would share photos of my creations to likeminded people. With the assistance of some hardworking employees, I now supply a range of Hippie Lane baked and raw treats to a bunch of cafes around Sydney. I’ve rebranded and created a website with a journal / blog and have just recently released a mobile recipe app for iOS and android users.”

And when we asked Taline about tips on healthy eating for picky eaters, her advice was “Make meal times fun. Good presentation is important for inciting your kids to eat healthy. I get my kids involved with cooking and we talk about healthy food and the importance of nourishing meals. If all else fails, go for a smoothie. You can pack so much nutrition in a serve and kiddies just love them.”

Taline’s tips on healthy eating:

1- Preparation is key. Organise yourself by filling your fridge and pantry with healthy options and plan what you and your family eat the night before.

2- Eat more fresh food and up your intake of greens. Wash salad leaves each morning so they are ready to toss through a salad for lunch. Invest in a smoothie maker and throw heaps of greens, herbs and seeds in your maker to get a quick fix.

3- Drink plenty of water throughout your day. We often mistake hunger for thirst and overeat meals to compensate.


Head to hippielane.com.au for Taline’s new go-to healthy food app!

From all of us at Children of the Tribe, thank you so much Taline.

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