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Claire >> The Woman Behind @jetsetmama

It’s safe to say there has been bit of a buzz around one particular mama… she’s a born and bred Londoner, married to a Byron Bay boy, she’s a mother of two rambunctious boys, she splits her time living between Bali, Byron Bay and the UK, she’s stunning and she is, well, brutally honest in all facets of life, motherhood, love and friendship. You may know her as @jetsetmama.

We had the opportunity to shoot with Claire, Atlas (2.5 years) and Everest (aka Sochi who’s 1) and it was FUN, afterwards, she kindly agreed to take some time out of her hectic day to answer a few questions so you can get an idea of the real woman behind @jetsetmama.

Can you tells a bit about you and where you’re from?

I’m a born and bred Londoner. Rich is a Byron Bay boy. I met him during my
gap year (ha, such a cliche!) he was my boss (double cliche!). It wasn’t love at first sight. I was lukewarm at best. I only realised he was the one when I went home to the UK. And one night I called him up and asked him if I could live with him. We hadn’t even so much as spent one night together before that! I just knew. We married in Bali in 2005.
Can you please tell us a bit about how @jetsetmama came about and do you and the family travel often?
Rich and I have a never ending bucket list that we’ve been trying to get though since the day we met. Inconveniently we didn’t have the funds for such grand plans, so we launched our “adventure travel” company Tripadeal.com.au, so we could basically have an excuse to travel the world, work remotely and (crucially) continue ticking off our bucket list. Rich still runs that, but now I’m staying at home with the boys and trying to not let the wheels fall off the “home front” wagon.
My oldest, Atlas, was only four months old when I discovered Instagram. Scrolling through hundreds of beautiful pictures everyday. Peeking into other people lives. Sharing, connecting, empathising, wanderlusting! Ah, I was hooked! And you see, “staying at home” hasn’t been all that easy for me. I’ve always worked, I’ve always travelled, I’ve always been fiercely independent. Having a baby kind of threw me in some respects. How can I find my creativity? Express my passions? I feel that Instagram (and being “jetsetmama”- ha!) has given me back my voice in the absolute baby-brain fog of grey matter and horrendous toddler plane flights, that is my life right now.
We have been based in Bali for over ten years now. And currently live between Bali, Byron Bay and the UK. Moving every three months or so. We stick to that basic circuit mostly, and then flip around to other places in between when we’re craving adventure [Borneo, Singapore, Europe etc] …or you know, when I have a badly thought through plan which seems ABSOLUTELY GENIUS, until we’re midway through our third long-haul flight in as many days, and I may or may not still be married by the time we get to the destination!
Travelling with the kids in tow is a WHOLE DIFFERENT BALL GAME. Like, you know, the actual flights? Whoa mama! I would LOVE to say I’ve nailed it. I haven’t. Travelling anywhere with a baby and a toddler is stressful as it is. But I’m a sucker for punishment (and a challenge, evidently) so we keep doing it! As the kids get older the travelling part will become easier I’M SURE OF IT* (*I’m not sure all.)
But it is all so worth it once we arrive. The kids will be bi/tri lingual. They are learning so many things, not least how to be flexible and confident. I see them blossom in new places, learning new things, new skills. New friendships developing. Old ones reconnecting. It’s an absolute joy to parent these tiny travellers. (Mostly.)
How would you describe your style of mothering?
Hmm…I would describe it as “ad hoc” at best! Look, it’s a TOTAL circus mostly. Having two toddlers is mental and unpredictable. All preconceived notions of how I was going to [kick arse] parent have gone out the window when I had Sochi. They are the most irrational, unreasonable, thankless little wild animals. Oh but jeez they are CUTE. Here’s the thing. I’m not sure about schooling/lifestyle/education/where we’ll eventually settle… nothing. But what I am doing is trying to stay present and connected. Observing the ways in which they flourish, and staying flexible enough to be able to facilitate their dreams and ambitions and skill sets. Whatever they may be. How/what/where? Who knows! But what I do know, is that they will be supported and loved and equipped with every resource we can find, so that they may go confidently into this big wide (ever-changing) world.
What is the one thing in your day you cannot live without?
You’re into the holistic/alternative lifestyle, can you please tell us how this enriches your life and the boys?
Look, it’s a bit of a no-brainer for us, but I understand it’s (inexplicably) still considered “alternative”. Crystals, essential oils, organic food, natural medicine, homeopathic (I heard that eye roll!)…  Oh yes so perhaps I have become a full blown hippy! Of course I believe there is a place for the incredible western health system…but just imagine how much more enriched it could be, if we could open up a conversation about a holistic approach running concurrently with hospitals. “Surgery is booked for Thursday, here is your list of herbs to take before and after.” JUST IMAGINE! Sadly there is no money or monopoly to be had on herbs. But I will keep campaigning anyway! Because, HEALTH.
Lastly, you have ah-mazing skin and hair! Do you have any beauty tips or secrets you would like to share with us crazy busy mums?
Oh mummy glamour. Ha! You might be covered in baby spew, your nursing bra might be tatty and stained swinging around your ankles, and there isn’t a filter in any app that will cover these giant eye bags…. but throw on a carefully selected bright dress, slap on some red lipstick and everyone will think you’ve made an outstanding effort. You’re welcome.
Thank you so much Claire, you really are a beacon of light for many mamas out there and thanks to Atlas and Sochi for the cute photos!

Family photo by Amber Melody

www.thebeautifullens.com  |  @ambermelody

Children of the Tribe shoot by Carly Brown

www.carlybrownphotography.com | @_carlybrownphotography_

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