Jun 2015

Kaitlyn Tru for La Petite












Kaitlyn Tru for La Petite

We were pretty happy when the divine Kaitlyn Tru of Fringe of the Cro reached out to us saying she’d like to create a special Children of the Tribe blog post for La Petite Magazine.

We then asked her if we can share with you a wee bit about her and her with clean, crisp style mum’s can only dream of…

From Shamrock, Texas USA – a tiny town with one stop light, Kaitlyn Tru met her husband, Ryan in Junior High School and they started dating right out of high school. They fell pregnant at 22 shortly after graduating college. Revel Jagger is now 2 and chills with his daddy and home everyday- skateboarding, cooking, learning, etc.

Through college, Kaitlyn dabbled in blogging while getting her marketing degree and have since contributed to Babiekins and now La Petite magazine blogs. Currently working as a digital marketing specialist and brand influencer,  her true passion is styling both children and fashion.

Her aesthetic often changes. Coming from a pretty hippie mother, Native American grandmother and a rock n roll cowboy dad, hence her kiddos name! She finds inspiration from all of those little elements along with her general surroundings and ranch life. After moving to the city, she found a lot of inspiration in Scandinavian design and really anything minimal as opposed to her background. With her husband, they have found their own personal style and mix.


We thank you, Kaitlyn and little Revel for the gorgeous pics and feature on La Petite.


Styled + Photographed by Kaitlyn Tru | @kaitlyntru


La Petite Magazine | @lapetitemag | blog

Revel wears our Black Sun Singlet + Cactus Grounds Shorts + Fallen Broken Street Kids Dingo Straw Hat

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