Monday Morning with Emma McClean

What is your morning ritual / routine or wake up call? Morning usually starts with a Suffolk Park run (with the pram) or lighthouse walk. Steve is adamant we ocean swim every morning so we have been beaching it before daycare drop off and work…….best start to the the day!

Rushing out the door on a Monday morning- what are your 5 essentials? Sunglasses, phone, Willows goji berries (she is totally addicted), bag which consists of willows essentials and Children of the Tribe Swimming Bag just in case we can fit in another beach session.

Putting parenting aside- what are your passions, hobbies or interests? Do you have a project you are currently working on? Passions – Children of the Tribe, home decorating. My interests at the moment have been discovering new treaties for willows lunchbox (so slaving in the kitchen). Currently working on ideas for next years range

Let’s be honest – being a parent is no walk in the park. What gets you through a rough day? Caffeine in the morning, a green juice before lunch and a much deserved Sav blanc in the arvo (not always in the that order).