Oct 2013

Monday with Amelia Fullarton


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Milly is one of our favourite Byron photographers and Parents of the Tribe. Passionate about photography and capturing beautiful images, she is an inspirational woman and pleasure to behold!

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I call Byron Bay home, here l try to live simply with my big man and little girl. Give me a tiny house, filled with a lot of love, good food, old friends, clean air to breath and music everyday.

What is your morning ritual / routine or wake up call?

Once l have slowly crawled out of bed a day will only start after a hot shower, lots of coffee and occasionally some form of exercise (the last part tends to not happen so often).

Rushing out the door on a Monday morning- what are your 5 essentials?

My phone, Arlo’s backpack, wallet, hats, oh and baby.

Putting parenting aside- what are your passions, hobbies or interests? Do you have a project you are currently working on?

For me, it was important that becoming a Mother didn’t take away what l had hoped to achieve with my career and personal goals. My interests lay within what l have studied for the last three years, Social Science, from this l have been able to gain knowledge to help individuals and work within my community. When i’am not doing this, l have being using my camera a lot more. I found it difficult when l had Arlo to get anyone to take photos of us or her, who l would feel natural and comfortable around. My photos are a way of giving something to others that they can hopefully hold on to and feel good about, as time passes and our little loves grow so quickly. This passion has also allowed me growth, creativity, to continue learning and to share with others the love of family.

Let’s be honest – being a parent is no walk in the park. What gets you through a rough day?

Other then my partner, I have an amazing, close group of girlfriends without them l honestly couldn’t imagine getting through my first year of parenthood. I can be my true self with them, free of judgement, a days worries are quickly washed away by loads of silliness and laughter. They keep me feeling 25, alive and i’am grateful Arlo has them to love and learn from.

If you are looking to have some family photos taken, Milly is incredible. Check out her work at www.ameliafullarton.com