Monday morning with Emma Labattaglia


Emma Labattaglia is an inspiration to us. Her illustrations capture a sense of fun and simplicity that that we adore. Check her out on Instagram @e_m_m_a_k_a_t_e

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I’m a Mumma, Artist, Illustrator and Wifey living on the coast in Victoria. I have a beautiful little boy and and am due to have a second babe very soon!

What is your morning ritual / routine or wake up call?
First thing is I have to have a shower to wake myself up before getting the little man Pax up, otherwise I would be sleep walking! Our ritual would be having a full cup of blue berries with every breakfast, along with a coffee after for me, whether I have the time or not!

Rushing out the door on a Monday morning- what are your 5 essentials?
As I am a stay at home Mumma, not yet doing school runs or anything, our Mondays aren’t crazy as yet. We do always need to get out of the house though, otherwise there’s a good chance Pax will get ‘cabin fever’. A must at the moment is his balance bike, the boy knows how to eat so always snacks at hand, sunnies, phone and lip balm.

Putting parenting aside- what are your passions, hobbies or interests? Do you have a project you are currently working on?
My passion has always been painting and drawing. Luckily I get to do it as a ‘job’ from home although I don’t feel like it’s work. I studied Fine Arts Painting and feel really lucky I still get to paint, and people want them! I illustrate at the moment for some kiddies clothing brands, which I absolutely love doing, it’s so much fun. I get to be creative and think like a child…perfect! I do all this when the little one sleeps, although having a second may limit my time slightly! That’s the nice thing about being able to do it from home though, I take on as much or as little as I can.

Let’s be honest – being a parent is no walk in the park. What gets you through a rough day?
I must have a coffee in the morning! And I do find even though sometimes it seems too hard on those rough days, getting out and seeing friends so Pax can play helps. If I can fit in some time for myself, being creative in some way always makes me feel better too.