Inside our AMAZING shoot with Buffalo Girl

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Buffalo Girl’s Terry Cronin, as gracious as she is cool, operates on a level of integrity and class that is rare in the world of fast paced fashion.
Stepping into her Byron Bay studio is like entering a bohemian treasure chest. Chunks of turquoise sprawled across the bench, rare and beautiful feathers adorn the walls, head pieces, saddles and more leather working instruments than you can point a stick at. The chaos itself is magic. Almost as magic as the unique handcrafted leather goods she lovingly creates. Almost.

Terry’s bags, wallets and guitar straps are highly sort after. The backlog on orders is huge as Terry and her gorgeous assistant Katie refuse to give into the pressure to mass produce. Each piece is a one off. Handcrafted and worth the wait.

Even our Children of the Tribe Models – Summer and Matilda recognise the special nature of our shoot location today. With big eyes and respectful glances our little models soon felt at home in Terry’s warm studio.  These pictures are worth a thousand words.

Find out more about Terry Cronin and Buffalo Girl

Styling by Emma McClean @childrenofthetribe Amanda @meandmytribe and Sarah @sarahpheonix
Photography by David Hauserman.
Summer and Matilda wearing Children of the Tribe Summer collection.
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