Summer 2015 | Inspiring Imagery


A major part of beginning a range is drawing from inspiration, which I’m constantly finding and feeling everywhere- in people I meet, the music I hear, nature surrounding me, a gesture of kindness or a two-year-old butterfly kiss on my cheek. I can go on and on. I then ponder and research until an idea sticks, that is when the gathering starts- collecting thoughts, things, words. And the designs naturally progress from here…

“Cactus Grounds”, “Fauna & Flora”, “Desert Sounds” and “Birds Fly High” are a few style names from our up-coming Summer 2015 range. This collection represents a warm summer with magical sunsets, dry grounds, flora, fauna, birds roaming and little ones continuously exploring what Mother Nature has to offer us all.

It’s a collection full of leopard and floral prints, acid washed destroy denim, pattern, deep pinks and earthy tones.

Here, I’m happy to share with you a visual interpretation of my gatherings, these images represent what inspired me to create our Summer 2015 range.

Due out mid September 2014.

Enjoy xx