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We are thrilled to talk with Marcia Leone- mummy to Archie, wife to eyewear connoisseur Dave Allison and creator of online Blog community NOT SO MUMSY about life in the big apple with a two year old, her plans for the future, her style, memories and more…

Enjoy xx


Q/ Where were you guys in Sydney and what made you decide to pack up and head to the big apple? We know Sunday Somewhere is a brilliant sunglass label, did your partner’s company have alot do do with the move? And do you have much involvement with Sunday Somewhere, if so, can you share?

A/ We recently moved to Sydney’s Inner west after 12 years living in Bondi. Although we loved living by the beach, after having Archie we realized we needed more space and a backyard- this kid’s gotta run!
The opportunity to move to New York for the summer came about because of the growth of Sunday Somewhere. The label is starting to gain momentum in the States and Europe so it was important for my husband to be based in the northern hemisphere for the summer.
I’m a journalist with a marketing background, so I help with some writing and branding when I can -and of course, critique all the samples :), but Dave has a an amazing team that works for him on a day to day basis. As a freelance writer, I’m lucky that I can be based anywhere, so we figure we’ll travel as much as we can until Archie goes to school.

Q/ What is it like being a mama in the big city? How has Archie taken to the whole move and what has been the best memory so far for him?

A/ We’re here for 3 months, but there is a possibility to come back for a longer stint if we find it works for us. I’ve been to NYC many times, even living and working here in my early 20’s, but it is a completely different experience as a mama. I’ve seen more playgrounds and parks than ever, but in a way I feel I’ve experienced so much more because I walk all day everyday with Archie in the pram and have stumbled across many cool finds that I would have ordinarily missed.
I have to say I’m surprised how easily Archie has adapted to Brooklyn living. The transition was so much smoother thanks to the small network of NY mamas who have taken us under their wings! He definitely misses his Nonna and cousins, but other than that he really loves it here!
There have been so many amazing memories for Archie, although I’m sure he’s too young to remember (thankfully I have a billion photos for proof!) He loved meeting Elmo in Times Square, seeing the Fourth of July fireworks and spending the afternoon at Coney Island. Hanging with his new best bud Rio (who’s mama I met on IG) would definitely be a highlight- they’ve been to Rockaway beach, had pizza dates, and play dates at water parks. The construction sites are always a hit and because he is superhero obsessed- spotting “Spiderman taxis” (ads for the movie are on top of almost all cabs) is a daily thrill. Having said this, I’m sure his favourite memory is still to come as we’re headed to Disneyland on the way home.

Q/ What inspired you to create NOT SO MUMSY? We love what you do, as do all of your readers and followers, what is your favourite aspect of what you’re doing?

A/ NOT SO MUMSY has been a work in progress since I was pregnant but I only put the wheels in motion a year ago after deciding not to return to my pre-bub position in television. The objective was to create an inspirational, non-judgmental space for like-minded, new- generation mama’s who love, embrace and celebrate motherhood but also place importance on retaining a sense of self.

Instead of making apologies for kiddie-spamming social media, I wanted to put a cool, modern spin on capturing these moments, through fun styled photo shoots. Essentially I see NOT SO MUMSY as a hub to inspire and admire other mothers and also as a platform to promote cool stuff I discover along the way.
I love that I have this creative outlet where I can combine my background in writing and marketing and my passion for fashion and photography. I also love interviewing my celebrity “mama crushes.” It’s a real thrill being able to connect with the women I admire and not only have them share, but being able to relate to their challenges and joys of motherhood. But hands down the best part of what I am doing is meeting and connecting with like-minded mamas from all over the world. Being a mother can be quite isolating, but the “real” friendships I have made has been the absolute best. If I packed it all in and just kept these friendships, I would totally still be a winner.

Q/ It goes without saying- you have great style, so on a typical day in NYC, what would your outfit of choice be for you and Mr. Archie? And what are your favourite labels for you two?

A/ It is HOT here- and my days are usually spent at the park and walking around so I really haven’t been wearing much! I have four pairs of denim cut-offs on rotation and team them with basic, well cut tanks and tees. I mix it up with accessories, sunglasses and shoes. We have a date night a couple times a week, where I’ll wear heels and a red lip, but usually still with my cut offs! I’m a big fan of Bassike and I like to mix high street basics from American Apparel & Urban Outfitters with “classic” investment pieces- Isabel Marant, Marc Jacobs & Alexander Wang are some of my faves.

Archie’s in shorts and tees or his neck to knee swimsuit (all the parks have water features) teamed with a cape and mask. He rarely leaves the house without being Spiderman, Batman – and now Captain America is added to the repetoire. He even refuses to remove his masks when he sleeps. There are SO many great labels for little boys. I’m a big fan of Acne and Bassike Mini, but I really love to support the smaller, local labels- some of my favourites are Children of the Tribe, By the Horn Kids, Beau Loves, Kapow Kids, Two Little Cubs & Bobo chooses. Target and American Apparel also do basics.

Q/ Are there any plans for the future? More moving abroad like wandering gypsies or expanding your beautiful family, etc?

A/ My pre-baby life was full of adventure. I’ve travelled to 30 countries and had some amazing experiences including cycling across Cambodia in a heat wave for charity and volunteering at a lion conservation project in Africa. It’s been really important for me to retain that sense of adventure as a mama. We are in a fortunate position where we are able to spend a good chunk of the year travelling and we want to maximize this time before Archie starts school. We’re trying to work out if we split the year between Australia and US or spend 3 months each year travelling to a different place. Summer to summer would be the ideal. Having said that, we hope to add to our family in the next year or so, and who knows what that will mean!

Q/ Is there anything you would like our readers to know about you? …please share.

A/ My main objective in creating NOT SO MUMSY is to help under-privileged mothers and children and I am working to align with the right charity – all will be revealed in a couple of months. Also, on a lighter note, I take all the pictures, but the one’s I am in are begrudgingly snapped by my hubby and despite how it looks, usually ends up in an argument. Hahaha…

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