Jul 2014

Tabitha McGregor | THRILLS | ARTIST | MUM










Two words- Tabitha McGregor. Wow, what a woman. We are so grateful to have been invited into her personal world so we can share with you just what this special lady is all about…

Tabitha not only has two beautiful boys, a husband and a little beach cottage on the outskirts of Byron Bay, she’s also co-owner and creative director of Thrills Co., a homegrown Aussie motorcycle brand which sells clothing and bikes. She juggles all of this daily, but admist the nitty gritty of motorbikes, designing range after range, school drop offs and home-making is a beautiful soul with immense artistic talent. Her paintings, illustrations and all of her art reflect who she is to the core. Her story goes a little something like this-

Having parents from opposite ends of the globe meant Tabitha spent her childhood bouncing to and from America and Australia, Australia definitely being her forever home.  Having been nurtured in a creative household, taking the artistic life path pretty much made perfect sense for her.

Tabitha started working at the iconic brand Insight, where she met her now husband Brooke. They met on a Monday, he asked her out on a date on Tuesday, they moved in with each other the following Friday! Not long after, they packed their bags and moved to California to start their own sunglass brand- Sabre. When they found out they were expecting their first, it was time to head home. Sabre finished and Tabitha then perused her freelance artist career and they started importing vintage motorcycles from the states with one of their best friends from California and before their eyes, Thrills was born and so was Ace (who’s 5)! “Throwing another little human into the mix made life very colourful, loud, amazing, challenging, satisfying, uncontrollable…etc” Brooke and Tabitha married, then they found out Bowie (now 3) was on his way!

As for her artistic creations, Tabitha “love(s) to draw anything from the mundane to the intricate, found objects and nature. I love the combination of objects to tell a story. For drawing, I love to draw detail and life like interpretations. For painting though, that’s where I loosen up and let emotions rule.” Although she creates everyday at work, she still finds to create her more abstract ideas.

Dreams, sadness, happiness inspires Tabitha to create, “I am big into symbology…the observer has their own unique interpretation of what a particular object or symbol means in their own personal visual language. Language whether it is written, spoken or drawn is a base of communication and through communication you can express how you feel. Using symbols in art makes me feel like I am creating my own unique language. I really love that.”

“My family also inspires me to create, Brooke has been one of my biggest supporters through motherhood at not losing myself in the action of raising children, but rather incorporating my own creativity into the balance of having a family. He reminds me the importance of honouring each individuals unique creative passions, he is also a highly creative person so we understand each others needs deeply on that level.”

“Creating with my children is hands down one of the best experiences I have, and in fact my level of creativity has increased 10 fold since they have come into my life. They are a true inspiration.”

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Tabitha.


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