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These images come from those who helped shape our recent Summer 2015 shoot, a story told by pictures, with passion and a whole bunch of fun…

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Carly Brown: This salt of the earth soul is the ultimate surf + lifestyle + fashion photographer. She has a way of sparking emotion and wonder into her imagery, it’s no wonder she’s been shooting for clients such as RVCA, Rhythm, Billabong Women’s Australia, Isla Collective, Amilita, Lisa’s Closet, Lex Weinstein, Spell Designs, First Base and more. We have worked with Carly time and time again and this past week, we had a ball shooting our most recent Summer 2015 collection…

According to Carly her photography, “Is all about the stories – I take photos simply because I love it. Photography is my craft, heart and soul. I like to deliver a visual narrative, a candid documentary through imagery. Creating raw, visual memories, large or small which embody life, faces, art, good vibes, beauty, music and colour.”


Facebook  |  Carly Brown

Lex Weinstein: Stylist of all things beautiful, Lex has been with us, behind the scenes pretty much since this earth child arrived in Australia six months ago. Her styling has helped form our past winter campaign and she continues to work her magic for our up-coming Summer collection.

“Artist, Stylist, Ambassador of the senses… I love to create and curate all things vivid, textural, fragrant and melodious. Inspired most by the pulse of the ocean and traveling the globe, I use my blog as a greenhouse of creativity that cultivates art, fashion, spirit, and life. I have been blessed enough the last year to travel and get lost on this beautiful earth, which has lead me to countless adventures across Tahiti, Indonesia, Australia, and Hawaii with plenty more in the works.  Whether it’s creating a space that tells a story, styling a look that evokes a persona, or writing to an experience that transcends time or space, I find the intention of my work to always be with global influence, inspiration, awareness and passion.”


Twitter  |  lexweinstein_

Facebook Lex Weinstein

Photos by Carly Brown

Fallen Broken Street: What more can we say other than they make the raddest, easy to wear on any occasion Aussie hats getting around these days. From mens to womens to KIDS! With names like The Dingo, The Indian, The Rat Bag and more, this stylish Byron Bay based hat company is what it is. You’ll find their kiddie styles featured in our past, present and most likely- future campaigns.


Photo by Ming Nomchong

The Beach People: And that is exactly who they are. This team of sisters and their adoring husbands create epic beach essentials out of the love for the sea, the sand and everything in between. Not to mention, creators of THE original, very popular, large, soft, must-have Round Towel.


Isla Collective: Byron born friendship duo created this must-have, wardrobe staple, style meets function clothing label. Only a few years in and going great guns, our friends at Isla have nailed it range after range. “Our surroundings inspired us to create a label that is true to our lifestyle- reflecting how we live. Our living is down to earth, we appreciate simplicity, the casual gear we love wearing and grew up with. Our ocean home is where we identify our style- where we spend our time and find our happiness.”


Wild Things Gallery: Mainly the Australian Factory Showroom for Gato Heroi, probably the most beautiful boards we’ve seen and featured in our Summer ’15 shoot. The grunge surf warehouse space in Manly provides a venue to showcase the art, photography, design and music of friends and new friends. It’s also home to a few businesses including designers, artists, board shapers and even a hairdresser. They have a shop selling art, their boards, the coolest tents and oh so much more.


And with these fab people and their creations, we have collaborated to create a story to tell of our Summer 2015 collection – available September 2014.

Enjoy x