Aug 2014

fallenBROKENstreet Kids


Our Spring | Summer ’14/’15 Collection is soon to launch, so it seems only natural to chat with our friends over at Fallen Broken Street- a group of Byron Bay guys living the dream while making sweet hats worn by fashionistas worldwide. They have traditionally been designing for adults and are about to launch their kids range. We are very happy to have been working with them since the inception of these styley little numbers. Featured in our last Winter ’14 campaign and also making quite an appearance in our up-coming Spring Summer ’14/’15 collection, fallenBROKENstreet kids hats are too cute to handle!

When we were given five minutes to chat with Fallen Broken Streets brand creator- Justin Crawford, our conversation goes a little something like this…

Us: Can you tell us a bit about your working background?

JC:  “I grew up on Sydney’s northern beaches at Dee Why. I’ve been around photography my whole life due to my late father Peter Crawford, so I ended up following in his footsteps, but not with his help. I asked him to teach me but he said no at the time I went “wow” but then I went and studied at Ultimo TAFE this is when I realised why Dad didn’t teach me because its like you cant go into an English test without reading the novel. After this, I worked closley with Volcom, Insight, Tallow developing campaigns to showcase how these companies where and what they wanted to portray.”

Us:  What sparked the inception of Fallen Broken Street?

JC:  The idea was sparked on a plane trip back from the Gold Coast where I ran into Frimmy on the way home. He told me of these beanies he was getting made and I said lets do something with this. So a week later we got some models and we where shooting our first lookbook we knew what style we like to see so it just flowed.

Us:  What has been your best selling hat? Any personal favourites?

JC:  The DiNgo is our best seller, I really never have a favourite, I love a good dress up

US:  So, you’re about to launch your kids range, anything you’d like to add to this excitement?

JC:  Yay kids rock. Their little minds are so rad so this makes me excited that they can chuck on a hat and keep those magic brains ticking and get into the genre of what they want to be when they are wearing fallenBROKENstreet. When I was shooting the campaign THIS ROAD IS OURS, Kyte, Bowie and Sunny where just such in there elements as were the two kids in your guys rad campaign. This too came across in the photos. Every time I see kids doing their thing, I think “wow they are so in their element” it’s so friggin cute.

Us:  Any grand plans for the future of Fallen Broken Street?

JC:  This new summer range is really exciting and a bit more on offer. That’s the fun with hats- there are so many options, a hat a day is the future for fallenBROKENstreet. For now, we have many fun fun fun styles coming out so yay n yippy!

Thanks children of the tribe we love what u guys do keep up the happy vibes x

We are thrilled to announce we will be offering a selected few Fallen Broken Street styles through our webstore in late September!

Stay tuned…

Enjoy xx


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