Sep 2014

David Hauserman | PHOTOGRAPHER

Since the beginning of Children of the Tribe, David Hauserman has been there to capture the very essence of who we are as a children’s wear label and what life in Australia is all about for a little person.
His unique talents have brought him near and far and from all corners of the globe, he has worked with some pretty impressive people along the way who, together, they create some emotion-conjuring images… this is his story:
I have always been obsessed with cinema and filmmaking, getting my first super 8 camera as a young kid and in high school my mates lives were documented with my video camera. Straight out of school I worked for a Film Production company who had 12 busy Directors, mostly shooting ads with the aim to win awards. The ads were quirky, funny or visually innovative. I worked hard and ensured that I became indispensable! As the company landed bigger jobs for international advertising agencies I found myself travelling the world as a camera assistant, it was my dream job for over 15 years. Then is was time for me to step up to become either a Director or a Cinematographer, as my apprenticeship had been long enough!
But I was facing challenging times with some very close family members (who lived in Byron) being sick or passing away. So I began questioning my path and decided to leave my career which had been everything up ’til that point. I found myself living in Byron Bay, and I escaped my grief by taking on huge renovation projects that were just too hectic and I was in too deep. After I dusted myself off, I put a new hat on. I was a photographer! I opened a small studio, got my first business card and finally joined Facebook. It was a bit daunting as there are as many photographers in Byron as there are iPhones, but I soon found my way shooting lookbooks for local labels. That was 3 years ago, and in hindsight I would have to say that the timing was impeccable, as it was the dawn of the byron fashion boom that has engulfed our town!
Having only ever assisted creatives, I was finally in a creative job myself. And I’ve never looked back! – I’m kind of a frustrated film director working as a photographer, hence why some of my shoots include a narrative.
The soon to be released shoot for Children of the Tribe is a short story in 20 photos, and I’m really grateful to Emma from COTT for giving me such awesome opportunities to come up with cute kids stories and then execute them with a great team. The kids from our shoots, Marley and Kaia are just so amazing to work with. I love explaining to them why they are blowing conches or looking through binoculars, trying to get them to play characters and feel the story rather than just be models who are having their photo taken. For one shot we had Marley in a small boat in the middle of the ocean and then drove our boat 300m away to get a wide shot of him bobbing about in the middle of nowhere. Most kids would have shit themselves but Marley didn’t want to get out of that boat, what a trooper!! Kaia is as endearing as she looks, she is always the first to put out her hand for Marley or to look at him with smiling eyes when I ask for them to connect. It’s really difficult as they don’t mingle in real life but in these campaigns it appears like they are besties.
I’m so excited that there are many more stories to tell for Children of the Tribe, I’ve found my new dream job and for that I am very grateful. Thanks guys!
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