Oct 2014

ZIGGY | The little Man of Sam ‘n Sam


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Living in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, this little ‘disco pirate’ lives like a little any other little one-year-old who has rad parents with their finger on the pulse. Daddy Sam is co-founder of The Critical Slide Society- one of Australia’s modern surf culture clothing labels and mama Samantha a strong marketing background in the corporate and fashion world. Together, they are three who take on daily life and overseas adventures in stride.

We are super lucky for this little family to share their story and very cute family photos shot at the iconic Bondi Beach Pavilion.

Their story so far by Sam De Kauwe:


Sam and I met 4 years ago randomly at our friend’s club in Kings Cross…but didn’t exactly hit it off that time! We had quite a few mutual friends & worked in similar industries so we had both heard about each other before we actually met. Then we connected through Facebook of all things, which now sounds so 2010 haha. And we ended up having an email relationship for a few weeks before we met up again & it definitely went better than the first time so it was all on from then…when you know, you just know!

We were both pretty social through our work when we first met with lots of events & stuff on most nights. But that obviously isn’t feasible to maintain when you have a little human who needs to go to bed by 7pm every night! So now we still cram as much as we can in around nap times & bed times, its just all of our activity has changed to either be kid friendly & mostly during the day. Having said that, we also just have Ziggy tag along to photo shoots/work meetings/exhibitions, anything we want to get done really!

The Critical Slide Society is really demanding, you know what it’s like, there are just so many moving parts with an apparel business. Sam has a really great little team around him that take a lot of the pressure off him, are understanding and wherever possible, the business accommodates his family responsibilites. For example Daddy had to exhibit at a big international trade show (called Agenda) in California a couple of months back, then had to jet over to Hawaii to run their Bespoke custom boardshort concept. So we were able to tag along for the ride and squeezed in some family time in between work commitments. Daddy looks after the mornngs when mum has to go to work & also usually helps in the evenings doing the dinner and bedtime routine, before the laptop is opened up again the afterwards.

So I was pretty much working casually from when Ziggy was a month old, helping TCSS set up a women’s brand, Society. It was great as I could work from home & be super flexible but it was really hard to be honest, as I was pretty overwhelmed with the new motherhood thing! The business recently made the call to put Society on hold, as it was distracting & draining resources from men’s side, which is going through a huge period of growth. So then I was lucky enough for one of Sam’s family friends & business partners to offer me a role in his business looking after their fashion projects, which has been great. I feel really fortunate that I can get my business fix for half of the week & feel like my old self again, but then spend the rest of the week with my little man just enjoying his company.

I think there’s so much pressure when you’re a new mum to be this perfect mother – to look good, lose your baby weight ASAP, feel energetic, get your baby to sleep through the night, breastfeed for as long as possible, etc etc – the list of pressures are endless! But at some point, you do eventually realise that you can only do what you can do & that has to be good enough. We’re all different mothers, we have different values & ways of bringing up our kids so there isn’t any point sweating it out. The main things our kids are going to remember is that we loved them & were there for them no matter what, so if you do that you’re already, you’re pretty much as perfect as you need to be! I also feel like there’s this unspoken requirement to pretend like motherhood isn’t hard & tiring & all consuming & draining, you need to give this impression that its all a breeze to the outside world. But I believe in being really real about it – its amazing & such a rewarding experience but its also incredibly challenging & it will most definitely be the hardest thing you ever do!!


Thank you beautiful family! xx

Photography by the lovely Katrina Parker

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