Bree Hannemann & Family

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Even though we live on the beach in Byron Bay, Australia, we are still drawn to the mystique of Hawaii, particularly Oahu’s North Shore of Sunset Beach. It is here where our new friend Bree lives the simple life with her son, the love of her life and an extended community of family and friends. Bree has a passion for photography, which seems a natural progression from being a young model. She came to us out of the blue and has since Art Directed, Styled and Photographed a few series for Children of the Tribe and mostly for you. 

Her story goes a little something like this…

As a young California student travelling to Hawaii for a ‘short semester’, Bree met her husband- Seek and it was love at first sight. She knew then and there she wanted to spend the rest of her days with this beautiful man… they were engaged two months later and married shortly after that. Then Sylver, their ‘wild monkey child’ came along two and a half years into their marriage.

Living on the country side of the North Shore, the only thing other side is peace, good food and surf. Seek and his six brothers opened a restaurant called Seven Brothers, they now have three locations- soon to be four and a food truck on the go.

Bree’s flare for photography started when she was modelling. She would find herself on set asking the photographers all the questions she could think of, learning on the job about everything from talent scouting to lighting to location to lenses. Rather than in front of the camera, she’s now behind it, still working for her agency- Pulse Management scouting and shooting whenever the opportunity arrises.

Bree finds inspiration in her husband Seek, describing him as the most incredible, creative person she has come in contact with with such passion and poise. And as for her dreams- she wants to work with the best children’s companies around the globe. She loves shooting with adults, but children is where her passion is…

“I believe it is something about children’s innocents that makes the pictures beautiful and full of hope and excitement, they have something no adult can portray in a photograph.”


Photography by Bells Mozo (a budding 12 year old talent!)  | @bellsmozo

Bree Hannemann  |  @breehawaiii

Sylver wears Sand Meets Sea Singlet + Black Stonewash Denim Shorts and Shadow Palm Cut-Off Shirt + Dead Fish Shorts

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