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 Healthy Living // Sol Cleanse

This week, I embarked on something entirely new for me… replacing my daily coffees, snacks and sneaky vino for a delightfully beautiful, packed with goodness, all organic, cold-pressed juice from Sol Cleanse.

How do I feel? Well, as a mum tending to a baby (I’m still breastfeeding, so I didn’t undergo a complete cleanse, which you shouldn’t do while breastfeeding but I still benefited massively from all the nutrients) and a toddler, I do reach for my coffee and snacks to get me through the day and often a wine for my “me time” at the end of the end of it all. For three days, I replaced all of these habitual substances for a juice. Instantly, I felt light, more focused, less cravings and perhaps more energised. All up- I’m glad I did this, I benefited from the health aspect and had the opportunity to meet new people like Miriam + Allie- the lovely owners of Sol Cleanse. I’m definitely adding a juice to my daily routine and dropping a coffee or two!

Sol Cleanse is a local company who deliver right to your door (lucky you in you’re in the Gold Coast area!). I went down the Rainbow Package route which consisted of six juices a day for three days delivered to my door (all in beautiful bottles reading “Love + Gratitude”). All juices were delicious and highly nutritious and individually named “Joy” “Peace” “Strength” etc. Sol Cleanse specialises in cleanses- so depending on the type of cleanse and for how long, they have something for you.

If your thinking about it or are keen to try, find out more here.