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THE VINES – Sophie talks Marriage, The Block + Motherhood





















 The Vines – Sophie talks Marriage, The Block + Motherhood

You may recognise this delightful, hilarious, fun loving couple with impeccable talent for interior style from Australia’s most loved reality TV Show- THE BLOCK.

Being big fans of these two, you can imagine our excitement when we found out they were having a baby! Little man Van Byron Vine arrived as an early Chrissie present for Sophie and Dale… three months as a little family and everything is “just so amazing”. Along with sharing this divine little family of three’s family photos, I had the pleasure of chatting with Sophie and am delighted to share her story…


Can you tell us a bit about you and Dale?

Dale and I met 10 years ago when I had just turned 18 and was my first year of my graphic design degree and Dale was an apprentice landscaper. He was (and still is) a sweet nature boy from the country that wanted to spend all of his time outside – I loved that (and still do). He hardly had any tattoos back then but he was just as funny as he is today – no one can make me laugh like he can. We dated for 5 years before Dale asked me to marry him on the island of Santorini – although we dated for five years, because I was only 23, I never saw it coming! We were married a year later in my childhood church with the reception in a forest by the coast not far from Torquay – it was the most magical day (I know everyone says this about their wedding day, but it’s true haha).

And The Block!?

Six months later, we were on that crazy ride that is ‘The Block‘. Dale kept stalling to make our application video because he said “Are you sure you wan t to go on, because if we apply, we’re going to get on?” I was nowhere near as confident, I just thought we’d apply for fun but Dale is very intuitive. I was so excited when we got through, I thought it would be such an adventure and something Dale and I could accomplish together with our different, but complimenting talents. No one was more surprised than us by the huge results. The Block was one of  the greatest times of my life and I’m very grateful for the experience. To be able to create amazing spaces with huge resources and being by my best friends side was something I will never forget. Not to mention the lifelong friends we made and the crazy things we got to do- we ran around a closed 5 storey Myer store and got to dress the iconic Sydney Bourke Street window display (something I would appreciate much later as a visual merchandiser), we built countless pieces of art in the workshop, met amazing iconic Australians and we went to the Logies (and we won!!). I can’t say I was overly comfortable (and I’m still not) with being recognised in public, although Dale gets recognised much more than I (I think the tattoos give him away haha). But it comes with the experience and everyone we meet had nothing but kind words to say so we’re very grateful.

Can you share a wee bit about your experience as a first time mama?

And then 2 years later (2 Blocks later for Dale) and we’re expecting our little munchkin. I really enjoyed being pregnant (probably because I was lucky enough to have little to no morning sickness, had no complications and went into labour on my due date), but the whole process was just so amazing! Little Van arrived 6 days before Christmas and was absolutely perfect! Just as everybody says, everything changed… for the better! I’ll be honest, Van has tested us in every way possible, but it’s making us stronger and better for it, I thank him of that. I’ve loved how things have completely slowed down for us since we became a family of three. I’ve always been one of those people that’s not stopped, that’s moved from one thing to the next (graphic design, teaching, visual merchandising), constantly working toward different goals and setting new challenges. Now that I’ve met the ultimate challenge, I’m really enjoying the focus shift – all of my everything is directed into Van and my family and I’m grateful for the change. I’m going to stay at this pace for as long as I can…


Thank you so much Sophie, Dale and Van for sharing your beautiful family photos and story.


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